The FUNderpants of 2023

Instead of making a new post every time Delia & I sew boxer shorts for TheMisterT, I decided to make a post of all the pairs of the year. Sew far, there is only one pair complete, but there are 3 more cut and waiting to be sewn!

:boxing_glove: :shorts: :boxing_glove: :shorts::boxing_glove: :shorts::boxing_glove: :shorts::boxing_glove: :shorts::boxing_glove: :shorts::boxing_glove: :shorts::boxing_glove: :shorts: :boxing_glove: :shorts::boxing_glove: :shorts::boxing_glove: :shorts::boxing_glove: :shorts::boxing_glove: :shorts: :boxing_glove:

  1. A jaunty, nautical theme for his Old Man & The Sea birthday coming up.

THe next two are for Delia to give him for Father’s Day.

  1. Dragon 'Pants!

  2. Magical Cats!

:tv: Stay tuned for more underwear…

OK! These are probably the last pairs of boxer shorts for 2023! One quilting cotton pair of hep-cats and a flannel pair that are approximately “15% yak” as per a running joke we have. When I found this “arctic animals” print with yaks, I had to have it!


I have been trying to buy just enough fabric to make them, so there’s no room for pattern matching should I have even wanted to try, BUT I am pleased with the narwhal on the fly of the flannel. Ahem. :grimacing: :joy:


Cute fabric!

Bahahah! “Stay tuned for more underwear” should be your tagline!
Great fabric.


Thanks, pals!

How fun!! Can’t wait to see more pop up… :grin:

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You must be able to make these with your eyes closed and one hand tied behind your back, by now!

These are perfect for his birthday theme!


Thanks, friends!

You’d think, but sometimes the fly still makes me have to really actually read the directions while closely checking the illustrations! :woman_shrugging: :smiley:

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Well this will be fun!

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Two more pairs finished over the weekend! Added here and in the OP.




You do find the prints, don’t you! Do you seek out specific themes, or stumble upon them and undie-lightbulbs go off?

I guess I have an eye for underpants? :wink: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Mostly, it’s just stumbling upon a good one while looking for something else or on a whim, but sometimes I seek out a theme. The best ones are the former!

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OMG these fabrics are fantastic.

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Your man has the coolest underpants of anyone, anywhere.

Bahahahaaaaa! Too bad there aren’t riches to go with this fame!


I was thinking this morning- theMisterT will probably never want to meet any (more) of us as we’ve all spent probably more time than is comfortable ogling and chatting about his unmentionables. He knows at least a few of us won’t refrain from asking, “So, which print are ya sportin’ today, Chief?”


Bahahahaaaaa! I suppose if someone wanted to bother with it they could search up the c-ster post of first pair I made… he modeled them! They plenty big on him, so it’s not at all suggestive and his
is face cropped out, of course.

I am sure when we’re at a beach house with his dudes he will walk around in them!


Did someone already suggest a calendar of undies? I’m sure they did but can’t see it here.

Maybe you could do that for a gift? Not for the upcoming birthday celebrations, for next year - especially if they are modelled

Also, for him, not us before that sounds weird


Hmmmm, this give me an idea for a Underpants Of The Month “subscription”! Not sure about exaclty how I would do a calendar ahead of time. I’ll have to mull this over!


Thank you very much for the carbonated water nasal experience I just had. lol