The Klumsies - Monster Jam 2020

Come play with the monsters at the Monster Jam!

I started making these guys blimey a good 9 years back now! :astonished: but I only ever posted Chunk on Craftster. I initially planned them to be Voodoo Doll Pin Cushions but they ended up being my little family of Klumsies :grin: and I love to make stories for my little chaps!

The Klumsies all met their end with innocuous objects, but they’re everliving so they don’t mind!

These are (from L to R) Chunk, Bogey and Braindead Betty


Chunk was made from chocolate and filled with pink icing, or at least he was until he met with his latest injuries whilst fighting with a chrysanthemum, oops!!

Bogey is a very cheerful chap. His latest accident occurred whist he was trying to get a drinking straw in his juice carton, oops!!

Braindead Betty is very forgetful. She met with her latest neck injury during an altercation with a ladle, oops!!

Hex and Victor


Hex, is a mechanic. He’s partial to the odd cocktail, and his latest accident occurred when he injured himself on a stray ice cube in his mojito, oops!!

Victor, is very haughty. His latest injures occurred when he burned himself on his gazpacho, oops!!

And my newest, Stella

Stella, is a fashion concious cheetah print diva, and she met with her latest injuries whilst trying to get Tim Gunn’s autograph!

Monster Jam 2020-01


These made me straight up LAUGH.


Oops!! Hahaha! I’m so happy you brought the Monster Jam!!


Love these! Victor is pick of the (klutzy) litter for me but they are each utterly charming.


These are sooo cool! What a great addition to the monster jam.


These are utterly adorable. I want to watch the film of their life story.


Brill, just brill! If Hollywood is watching, this would make a great show!


hmmmm…a lot of those injuries sound suspiciously like a person had them first… :smiley:


These are so original and colorful! I love them!


These are so fun. I love how individual they are and their stories. Tim Gunn, I get it! He’s has got to be my favorite though. His face cracks me up!

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I feel braindead betty on a spiritual level

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What a motley crew! I love that Victor burned himself on gazpacho

I can’t believe I hadn’t already seen these… KEWT! So glad that they were included in the recent Round-up!