The lacey sweater I didn't crochet

For once, something lacey I’m wearing isn’t store bought or crocheted by me!

I posted about the fabric over a year ago here → Fabric question

Including the pattern I was considering → The Easy Long Cardigan, A New Staple In Your Wardrobe | So Sew Easy

the fabric has been sitting in my stash since my last trip to Japan, Pre-Covid. I bought at a little shop that did 100yen per meter :wink:

It was a an easy make as I used the fabric’s scalloped edges for the hems instead of trying to sew it all.

Here is my workshop floor wearing it:

3/4 view


close up detail

ETA - thanks to all the folks who consulted on the fabric :slight_smile:


It’s so pretty and I bet a really versatile wardrobe piece!

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So pretty!

Also, I’m going to be going to Japan in a couple of months, if you have any must-visit crafty places to go I’d love to hear them!

If you are in Tokyo - NIPORRI! Nippori: Visit Tokyo Craft Central ⋆ ANIMEGIRLIE

And Okadaya - the one in Shinjuku is big!

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It’s a beautiful cardigan! I’d wear that every day.

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It turned out lovely! I remember your post and thought the pattern was quite flattering and easy enough to make. Glad you finally did it!

Looks great with your new earrings as well!

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Wow, very pretty!

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Beautiful! I’d be afraid to cut into that fabric. It looks finnicky to work with, but you nailed it!


Looks great! I noticed your new earrings as well!

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Lovely! Thank you for the link!


Turned out great!

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