The Plum Skirt

This makes #4 for the Annie’s Aline Skirt pattern I’ve made up. This picture is true to color:

Fabric is by Kobayshi Cotton. Purchased in 2019 on my last trip to Japan.

I am really comfortable with the directions now and am adding little things as I go.

Key fob loop (on the correct side this time)

The zipper came out nicely for once!

I also used matching bias tape to finish the facing and the hem…

And no one but me, and now you, will know but i used this pretty fabric as fused in interfacing.

Better picture of the pattern…


Cute skirt! And pretty interfacing, as well.

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I’m in love with this skirt.

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Cute fabric. :heart_eyes:

It looks such a nice, no fuss pattern (maybe it’s not, but you’ve made it look so) and the plums look great.

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This was tough the first time as it requires quite a bit of internal finishing. But after the first one, it works pretty well.


This is such a cute skirt and a great use of this print! The scale and the combination of curved and straight lines really go well with the A line.

If it were mine and had pockets, I’d have to call it my “plum smuggler.” :flushed: :rofl:


:rofl: ok that’s funny! I think my next one might get a patch pocket instead of the loop.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Well done, looks great! Very pretty fabrics too. Use the good stuff!

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Exactly! That’s what I’m trying to do! And make things i will actually use.

This came out beautifully! Love that fabric. :heart_eyes:

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