Thing-A-Day February 2021 Craftalong

Day 27 (a day late): I did a couple of the exercises from the art journaling class.
Day 28: More cheesy biscuit sandwiches. (What can I say? They make me happy.)

@AcadianDriftwood, thanks for running this again. See you all back here next year!


Day 28: i’ve spent some time on the hat and if this child ever sleeps i’m hoping to finish it before midnight. I have about 20 rows left. :crossed_fingers:
(She woke at 4:30 am and refused to nap during naptime. The little lamb.)


Closing out Feb with my art journal:

C’mon @AntBee, you can do it!!


I didn’t craft every day this month. But I did get some stuff worked on. Today I started cutting out the pieces I need to make a sweater. I haven’t done much for clothes sewing but I’m very excited to get this worked on.


Well I started out this craftalong strong but life had other ideas for how I should spend my energy. But I decided that I should at least finish Feb with doing something. I did the backgrounds on some emu egg projects a few months ago and they have been waiting for there animals and ground work.


I finished her! Thank you all for your support each time I posted progress.

And happy end of February everyone! I’ll see you here again next year. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It was a fun and challenging month! I enjoyed trying to find one thing a day, but some days it was a stress if the day was nearing end and I hadn’t done anything worth noting…

Today I made another ATC. I’m not thrilled with it, but I do like it. I used some scrap pieces/odd pieces and hand wrote the words (something I usually avoid). I also used some washi tape that I haven’t broken into yet :slight_smile:


I finished my final project for February!


oh those are so cute!

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Forgot to post a pic of the mitts I made from the sleeves of a sweater I shrank. Decided to add a bit of embroidery to them as well…this was yesterday or the day before’s project.


Here’s part of what kept me so busy this month. I absolutely LOVE this space! It’s in our living room, by the windows. Practically the first thing you see when coming into the house. I was trying to sew here but it got ridiculously messy so that’s all in the basement now and this spot is reserved for yarn work, embroidery, beading, and some non-messy paper crafting. I’m excited to get busy making allthethings!

Thanks for running this challenge again @AcadianDriftwood. It’s become a solid fave for me, I really appreciate the motivation :slight_smile:


Wonderful space!

I know you have your crafting stuff squeezed, have you seen these Ivar fold up table tops? They have deep and also lower profile shelves, maybe you might have space somewhere for something like this? Extra bonus, that table folded up hides mess! That’s always the biggest issue for me, not wanting to totally clean up between projects but also really not wanting to look at the untidy piles either, haha.

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What an awesome creative space!

Sadly, no, but some day!

Your space looks great! A fine place to craft.

I managed to finish the hat! After midnight, so technically in March, but still finished!

Thanks for running this motivation boost again this year I really do love it! It’s so social and fun!


It is truly beautiful…the colors and the different designs…I can see how this would definitely be something that you want done, but it was a labor of love…sort of sad to see the saga end…until the next one! :slight_smile:

Well done…it is very unique.

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:tada: :tada: :tada:

Woohoo!!! It looks so awesome!!!

PS - HBD @AIMR! :heart:


It’s simply beyond! So gorgeous, wow. Well done!

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