Thing-A-Day February 2021 Craftalong


February is upon us, and in this corner of the internet that means we challenge ourselves to make something every day! This craftalong is a place to share our motivation, progress, links, finished objects, and failures too as we work our way through the month.

What counts as a Thing for the day? That’s entirely up to you! Maybe you want to finish something small, or just work for 20 minutes on a larger project. Whatever you feel is an act of creation, that’s what we’re going for.

We encourage sharing pictures of what you did each day. If you’re the list making type, you may use your first post on this thread to edit as you go to see all your things at once. But make sure you still post a new reply to the thread - it’s easy to miss an edit if it’s buried way upthread. And we want to see and encourage each other!


Day 1: Xmas card ornament :white_check_mark:
Day 2: Card scrap gift tags & workbook decoration :white_check_mark:
Day 3: Temari thread wrapping :white_check_mark:
Day 4: Oranges in cointreau :white_check_mark:
Day 5: Sock mending :white_check_mark:
Day 6: Fridge stew :white_check_mark:
Day 7: Workbook decoration :white_check_mark:
Day 8: Bagel dough :white_check_mark:
Day 9: Bake bagels, discard pancakes, & start embroidery :white_check_mark:
Day 10: Work on embroidery :white_check_mark:
Day 11: Work on temari :white_check_mark:
Day 12 & 13: missed! :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Day 14: Refinish cutting board :white_check_mark:
Day 15: Work on temari :white_check_mark:
Day 16: Baked tofu :white_check_mark:
Day 17: Work on embroidery
Day 18-21: missed! :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Day 22: Russian borcht :white_check_mark:
Day 23: Snow dye t-shirt :white_check_mark:
Day 24: Start swap project :white_check_mark:
Day 25: Work on swap project :white_check_mark:
Day 26: Finish swap project! :white_check_mark:
Day 27: Work on embroidery :white_check_mark:
Ideas: decorate journal, snow people, bake bread, temari, mending projects, can orange marmalade, cross stitch, tote bag, embroidery, masks


Thanks for this motivating craftalong!

  1. bird tote
  2. felt circles for future project
  3. handmade buttons
  4. make mask for sister who lost her favorite one I made her…grrrr
  5. stuff from my pinterest board!
  6. master boards
  7. quilt pockets! (vintage)

Feb 28
Feb 27-Fish embroidery panel #2
Feb 26- Fish embroidery panel #1
Feb 25- pantry curtains complete
Feb 24 - cut fabric for curtains
Feb 23 - clean craft room
Feb 22-art class journal pages prep
Feb 21- work on LC address book cover
Feb 20- yarn flowers
Feb 19 - crochet baskets
Feb 18-organized embroidery thread, made pork enchiladas
Feb 17-tote bag finished
Feb 16-tote bag patches
Feb 15 - Pulled pork, worked on tote bag project
Feb 14 - Happy mail, tote bag project
Feb 13 - Zoom Art Journal Page
Feb12 - Knitted a lot of rows of Simple Scarf #1 Red
Feb 11 - Baked no knead bread!
Feb 10 -Pig stuffie
Feb 9 - Crochet Cowl
Feb 8 -Cacti embroideries
Feb 7- crochet rainbow hearts and tassels
Feb 6 - crochet rainbow heart
Feb 5 - Flamingo hoop
Feb 4 - Economy quilt blocks (5)
Feb 3 - mend t-shirts
Feb 2 -practice economy quilt square
Feb 1 - Feb BOM


What do you mean by a bird tote? A tote to put bird stuffs in or a tote with a bird on it?


Ideas: Macaroons, finish snowpeople ornaments, finish crochet worm, book bag, temari balls, note cards, fridge magnet, miniature bell dome…

Day 1: pizza!
Day 2: cookies
Day 3: hand bound button holes
Day 4: prepped lots of happy mail
Day 5: Edel’s heart block
Day 6: set up a new bedroom for one of the kids
Day 7: cookie ornaments
Day 8: crochet FSM
Day 9: winding embroidery thread onto bobbins
Day 10: onigiri rice balls and furikaki
Day 11: snow dude ornaments
Day 12: woven coasters
Day 13: visible mending
Day 14: fixed holes in swants
Day 15: covered head board cushion
Day 16: tasty sprouts!
Day 17: fixed holes in sweater
Day 18: most of a crocheted basket
Day 19: chocolate shortbread with caramel sauce
Day 20: crochet crowns
Day 21: woven coasters
Day 22: 3rd & final pair of swants
Day 23: crocheted basket
Day 24: masterboards
Day 25: slow-stitched heart art
Day 26: more itty bitty crochet crowns
Day 27: moving the studio
Day 28: added a layer of wool padding to mini ironing board

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Saving a spot here. I’m planning an inchie project.I’m shooting to do a set of alphabet inchies. I’m hoping to work on it every day but probably won’t go strictly for a completed inchie per day (my brain will immediately rebel). If I can stay on pace for 7 a week, I’ll be happy.

  1. Cut inchie bases

I’m in, I don’t know what’s going to be on my list yet. Some journaling pages probably, quilt blocks, I need some new microwave cosies, I’ll probably start a new miniature kit too. And fingers crossed, move house in the middle of all this-which might put a slight crimp in making something every day.


I need motivation, too. I’m gonna count household projects like putting a new shelf in the pantry. And embroidery, fixing the curtains, maybe painting that yellow star…

  1. worked on a kinetic sculpture.
  2. Planted three cactus, and did some planning sketches. Reworked some of the kinetic sculpture
  3. Bracelet buttons. Planted the last two cactus.
  4. Made ciabatta bread successfully for the first time, plus assembled the workings for the kinetic sculpture. It might need more adjustment, plus the aesthetics.
    And I designed and 3D printed a set of labels for my jugs of iced herbal teas. Mmmm tea.
  5. Designed and printed a replacement hummingbird feeder bottle. It leaks, and doesn’t fit the screw end quite right, so I reworked the design and it’s printing again.
  6. Worked on the pretty part of my kinetic sculpture, at 4am because I couldn’t sleep. Tested the new hummerfeeder bottle; still leaks.
  7. changed the band and scarf on my winter hat, using a leopard print pajama top.
  8. Drew up the embroidery design and selected floss for the kinetic aesthetics. Plan to work on them tomorrow while waiting for medical test.
  9. Good plan, the test ran an hour late. I got a good start on the embroidery!
  10. Sadly, I got lots more done on the embroidery while waiting for another doctor today.
  11. finished the first part of the kinetic aesthetics. Also made sugar free peanut butter banana cookies. They don’t taste like much of anything, but boy, are they healthy…
  12. Finished my kinetic project! Made Thai curry. Mmm.
  13. Took photos and wrote up my kinetic project, Mt. Catsmore .
  14. Made a Valentine for my sweetie, covered a storage box with pretty paper.
  15. Altered a shirt for sweetie when I realized it was 8pm and I hadn’t done my Thing for the day.
  16. Recorded, uploaded, and linked Mt. Catsmore video! First time ever!
  17. No Thing.:unamused:
  18. Mended and added an elastic ankle band to my schleppers, turning them back into slippers. Made biga for ciabatta bread tomorrow.
  19. Made ciabatta. Researched and brainstormed ideas for my March ornament.
  20. Worked on March ornament ideas and a UFO embroidery.
  21. Finished and mounted the embroidery. Designed and printed new hummingbird feeder base, to go with the bottle. Then redesigned it to work better.
  22. Made heel pads for a couple pairs of shoes, & 3D printed a planter for the basil plant I ordered. Edited and printed wallpaper for mini scene–six times. Sigh.
  23. Hand drew the wallpaper. much better. Designed and 3D printed a pencil holder.
  24. Took everything out of our pantry cabinet, added a new shelf, and put everything back.
  25. No thing again!
  26. Reworked wallpaper again, reprinted Pagoda roof.
  27. Painted mini walls, cleaned off worktable, admired wallpaper.
  28. Papered the walls! Looks great!
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I need this encouragement to get some things done. I haven’t been feeling motivated as of late. So maybe this will help.


Oooh, I’m in! I hope this motivates me to work on stuff other than just my afghan! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome aboard everyone! I’m so excited to see what all gets made this month. :art:

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Well, my kid and I are starting with Hourly Comics Day tomorrow!

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I’m in, thanks for leading the way!

2/1: Rows of baby gift blanket:

2/2: Rows of baby gift again:
2/3: … and some more rows:

Day 4: Little Heart Stuffie:

Border. Border issues. Frogging.

2/6: another wee heart, wove ends in on socks, and restarted the blanket border.

2/7: border time and weaving ends on blanket
2/8: blanket ends, more hearts
2/9 still more hearts, seriously this yarn is like loaves and fishes
2/10 sewing and embellishing hearts
2/11 one hour on hat
2/12: 2 hours on hat, cardboard clubhouse for toddler
2/13: 2 hours on hat, husband valentine plaque, toddler valentine card activity
2:14: rows on hat
2/15: rows on hat

2/16: rows on hat, baked a cake

2/17: rows on hat:

2/18 rows on hat
2/19 da hat
2/20 hat
2/21 hat
2/22 hat
2/23 :frog:d wonky other hat
2/24 no crafting, so tired
2/25 what day is it? Who am I?
2/26: horrible basket, got :frog: d twice
Avert your eyes:

I did like how the colors pooled here, but the black was wrong for the project. It was too fluffy instead of stiff and the bowl just looked crappy when stood on a table.
2/27 revamped bowl thing

2/28 hat

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Gonna try!!

Day 1: Pasta Fagioli
Day 2: Quiltalong BOM
Day 3: Snow Dye
Day 4: Snow Dye Results/Banh Mi
Day 5: Hanging Heart Block
Day 6: Snowman
Day 7: Cookies
Day 8: Free Motion Practice (no pic)
Day 9: Missed
Day 10: Chocolate Banana Bread
Day 11: French Braid Mug Rug
Day 12: Mug Rug Binding
Day 13: Art Journal Page
Day 14: Slime/Heart Pizzas
Day 15: T-shirt Yarn/Masks
Day 16: Scrap Fabric Twine
Day 17: Calendar Page Envelopes
Day 18: Scrappy Crowns
Day 19: Kid Craft Lanterns
Day 20: Bleach dyed shirt
Day 21: Garter and Stockinette Stitch
Day 22: Ribbing, Seed, and Moss Stitch
Day 23: Scribbles Pages and Yarn Over/Knit Two Together
Day 24: Hot Mess Headband - WIP
Day 25: Hot Mess Headband - complete
Day 26: Cards
Day 27: Ovary Up Stitch
Day 28: Art Journal Pages

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I completely lost any interest in crochet, so my yarn has just been sitting there for several years. I’ve decided that I need to either “do something” with my yarn stash or donate it, so I’ll make some scarves/amigurumi that I can either donate or put in a STS shop at some point.

Last night I started this scarf and I’ve already completed a couple pattern repeats today.


My thing today was I finished my February BOM for the quiltalong!


1st February - spent the evening gridding for a new cross stitch piece and had a little time left to add the first few stitches before bed :smiley:


Ooo a big piece! Is that fabric sparkly?

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According to USPS tracking, I’m supposed to get the next package for my crochet afghan club today! (This is a different afghan from the huge rainbow one I’m making.) Maybe the next stripe on this afghan can be my Thing for the Day!


My thing today was making my annual Xmas ornament out of the cards we received this past holiday. It’s getting harder to figure out a way to fold or cut them that I haven’t done before! This time I did inchie boxes strung together in a little garland.