Throw Pillow Pairs from Vintage & Rescued Linens & Textiles

After making several single throw pillow covers, I set my mind to making a couple of pairs to fully utilize the vintage embroideries I had w/o making awkwardly sized or huge covers.

These butterflies were on either end of an unfinished table runner. The embroidery was complete, but the fabric was raw edged.

I stabilized it with fusible interfacing, and backed it with a ivory and black ticking stripe. Zipper closures on the bottom. I think these would be adorable on a pair of twin beds in a cottage-y type decorated child’s room!

This pair is made from a finished dress scarf-sized embroidery - a kitty on one end, and a puppy on the other. Cute unless you look too long, then they get kinda creepy. HA! It was also stabilized with fusible interfacing onto a cotton back.

The body of the pillow cover is a red chambray-style fabric from the estate of a long-time local custom clothes maker. It was nice to be able to use the cute edging stitch of the original piece. These would also pretty cute on a pair of twin bed or even bunk beds in a child’s room.

These also have zipper closures on the bottom, from stash thanks to AIMR who shared some of her red zipper stash a few years ago!


Super cute!

I really love the butterfly ones especially!

Those eyes….

But! Love the pillows!

Thank you!

@Bunny1kenobi Same! I wasn’t a huge fan of the table runner, but as pillows the charm the heck out of me.

@Camelama Right? Like, had the original stitcher ever seen a cat’s eyes?

These are super cute!

Thank you!

100%! Love the way they compliment each other. This is exactly the type of aesthetic I go for when buying things for my girls. Lovely.

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Thank you! Coordinating, but not exactly matching is my jam and I couldn’t bear to not keep these two butterflies together.

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