Throw Pillow Covers from Vintage Linens & Other Rescued Textiles

I have been wanting to make something from the hoard of vintage linens I have been collecting over the years and I finally had some dedicated time to do it! I decided to use mostly “rescued” yardage (from estate and yard sales, thrift stores, stashes passed along to me), too!

So here’s a ton of pics and words! :rofl: :woman_shrugging:

I had about 15.5" of this fun trim from a baggie of trims I picked up somewhere and I really liked how it went with this stripe that was a designer sample from a home dec store I was given by a friend.

The trim was stablized by fusing it to a cotton strip, then trimmed and stitched over an ivory stripe.

The back is the same fabric which has a really nice hand and was very nice to sew. If anyone were to describe this pillow to me, I don’t think I’d like it at all, but I actually really love it.

I had a single peachy-coral hemstitched napkin and I loved how it looked with this white and peachy-pink doily! I used some vintage rusty-brown bias tape behind the hemstitch rather than line the whole thing, because this napkin was quite thick already.

I attacehd the doily at the 2nd to center circle, a circle about half way out and then radial lines from there to 12 points along the edge. THe doily is stable against too much sagging, but maintains it’s frilliness.

The back is plain white linen from my stash.

A sweet hanky stabilized by fusing to white cotton, vintage ric rac to cover the edge, burgundy narrow wale corduroy that was from an estate stash.

This one is also backed with the same corduroy.

Another doily model! This one has 11 points and is attached to a large scale paisley that was the remnant from dog beds I made over a dozen years ago.

This doily is attached in a similar manner as the other one to keep the ruffliness but also keep it from sagging much at all.

Backed with with paisley.

This is one that I am keeping for me! A vintage hanky that seemed like it had never been used or even laundered that I got just a couple weeks ago at a garage sale… for free!

Again stabilized with fusible interfacing. Attached by sewing around the edges in a narrow zigzag, and then straight stitched along the white edges of the stems and leaves.

The body is the same upholstery velvet I used for this pillow and was from an estate of a friend of a friend.

All of them have zipper closures at the bottom, I was only able to find a few stash zippers, so did buy most of them. The peachy-coral is for a 15" form, the irises are for a 16", and the rest are for 14" forms.


I love all the cushion covers and the fact that they are made from vintage stuff!

What do you do with all of your covers? Do you rotate them out?

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Oh a whole bunch of fun gorgeousness! I love your color & trim combinations.

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Thanks, pals!

@AIMR I plan to rehome most of these via listings on the internet, but yes I do switch out the covers as my mood and the seasons dictate!


Lovely and what wonderful saves from old linens. Beautiful.


These are so beautiful! They will be snapped up quickly, I’m sure!

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I got two words:
RICK and
Awesome. Love that purple iris hanky too, what a beaut.

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Thanks so much y’all!

They are lovely. Great inspiration for all vintage linens I inherited!


Thank you! It was pretty fun just to dig through all the stash and try different things together and make commitments to combinations and to cutting. I hope you share what you make when you do it!

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What a great way to show off all your vintage pieces! I find the doily on the peach fabric really striking!

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Thank you! I was pretty tickled when I first put those two together. I have a couple-few more doilies that I hope to find good grounds for soon.

Each of these is so wonderfully constructed. I do love the first one and feel the same way, I wouldn’t think it’s my style, but seeing it, I love it! You blended the trim perfectly.

Wow, wow, WOW! These are so pretty. Great use of stash, too.

how cool!
I have a bin of needlework bits, and one of doilies and lace. Something really must be done with them!

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Thanks so much, friends!