“Timely TP” (green reusable bathroom tissue” F&T - 2020 Q1 Contest Entry

This “project” was actually on my to-do list for spring break, which started yesterday, but it suddenly seems like something that means a lot more. I find myself getting frustrated with shoppers hoarding things that are disposable, instead of trying to find an alternative that isn’t going to “run out.”

I present, re-usable toilet “paper.”

Simple 6”x6” squares cut out of soft cotton flannel…

Edges folded and ironed (they don’t need to be pretty - they’re for wiping your tushie).

See around the edges, really simple with squares.

And wah-lah! I didn’t even use a yard of fabric, and I have a huge stack of these. You can rinse them and just wash like normal fabrics! And if they ever wear out, they’re 100% cotton, which means they are compostable too.


I love you. I really do. You are an awesome force of natural earthy practicality.

Our cousin started making these years ago for her family of 7, it’s what her kids grew up using at home. Not much different than cotton pads or diapers, washed & disinfected the same way. If one is squeamy about poops, use paper for those but honestly, paper is a social construct. It’s not used in a whole lot of the world (where incidentally it’s thought of as outrageous).

Personally, we are going to install a bidet attachment here. It will require some drying cloths which will pretty much be the same thing as you’ve made. Cool.


Interesting…I know it seems gross at first, but what do people do with baby diapers? Isn’t there some sort of pail you put them in to rinse them and then wash diapers?

At any rate, I know I have a bunch of old t-shirts that could be used and I wouldn’t even care if they got thrown out…better than corn cobs, which is what my dad said they used when he was a kid!


I thought that corn cob thing was a myth, wow.
Diapers and cloth pads are best in a dry pail until washing, soaking those in water until laundry day is a breeding ground for bacteria & smell.
I have lots of old t-shirts too, & a new serger, hmm…


Yes!!! I’ve been meaning to make some also. i have the fabric all cut out, this is the perfect time to stitch those sides!


It is amazing what people used and still use…:slight_smile:


and the Sears catalog.


lol true! My dad also saved the phone books…but he used them under a paper towel to absorb grease when he cooked fish, chicken, etc. He also had one in his shop to tear off when he was working with something messy. That generation was especially resourceful…I just wish I remembered some more things…


I just got a sewing machine, yesterday and I will be learning to use it. Long story, the machine I ordered online was delivered to someone else and they were polite enough to send it back to the site I ordered and I got my $$ back. This is a great beginner project and so useful at this time.


Way to go @Mountains_and_Clouds! I love the ‘wild’ fabric choice too. :laughing:


Ooh, flannel seems like a nice, soft choice!

If you ever run into ‘smell’ issues there’s a spray called Biokleen Bac-Out. It’s a stain and odor remover (though I’ve found it does a much better job of removing the odors, rather than stains) and it works very well on removing those tough, stinky odors.


@Magpie, at least right now, these seem way less scratchy than paper products. And yes, a lot of cultures think that using paper is disgusting anyway. Also, this is a perfect project for a new serger!!

@AIMR, old t-shirts would be perfect! I’m still trying to picture how a corn cob would work, LOL! (and ouch!)
I still save the phone books (WHY THE HECK DO WE STILL GET PHONEBOOKS?) because I can’t get myself to throw them away. Their pages are used under a lot of messy projects…

@audity, DO IT! I am not big on sewing, but these were super quick!

@LemonHillKnitting, I am definitely not a seamstress at all (Sewing is still on my learn-to-do list), so these are a great place to start!

@MistressJennie HAHAHAHA when I was at the fabric store specifically looking for flannel, this was not only the cheapest option, it was the most soft and the only one that didn’t have some Nascar print on it. :rofl:

@AudiobookLover Oooooo thank you for the tip! I’ve been using cloth pads for years, so it sounds like it would help with both!


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I finally worked up enough mojo to clean the bathroom and it reminded me I wanted to stitch up some booty drying cloths for when we install the bidet attachment that arrived the other day. It will be tap-temperature water so the least I can do to make it more comfy is have a stash of soft flannels on hand, right? Ha ha :smile: :no_entry_sign: :roll_of_toilet_paper: :no_entry_sign:

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I’ve been using these since I posted!

(And I actually made more of a slightly bigger size - started with a 7.5 inch square, which I might like better…)

I finally made some tush towels!