Tiny hardcover notebooks for party favours

My daughter wanted a “fairy forest” theme for her birthday party. So I made tiny “fairy notebooks” as part of the little favours. I made 12 of these in total, and they took forever to make, but it was so worth it :heart:

I made little cardboard boxes, covered them with forest-themed scrapbook paper, and then filled them with the little notebook, some candy, bubbles, and a forest-themed keychain.

Initially the plan had been to make these little boxes into little fairy houses, but… I ran out of time.


The boxes are adorable! I love that you made the notebooks so they would open. They look precious. I am sure the kids will love them.


Kids (and adults!) love tiny things! So cute! You put a lot of work into them so they are the star of the party favor box!

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Aren’t these adorable. Well done you on the tiny books. Proper bound books!! I’m impressed


What cute favors! I’m sure they were loved!

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What adorable favors for the kiddos!

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So awesome! I bet they loved them!

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