Tiny Teacups and an Impatient Crafter

Tripping through YouTube I found videos by Bag O’Day Crochet and ended up making a cute Teacup alongside the video. She mentioned that instead of starching her cup, she sprays it with aerosol hairspray. It dried in no time. Intrigued, an experiment was born.

First supplies

Crocheted cups, things to stretch or form them, a container, and hairspray - non-aerosol because allergies day so in our house.

Pour a small amount of hairspray into the container and then wad the crochet work into it.

Squeeze out any excess. Hand sanitizer gets the residue off hands very well.

Use forms to get a general shape.

They just need to sit like this until the teacups/crochet work is no longer excessively tacky.

Then finesse the shape while they dry which may take a couple of hours if the yarn is really absorbent.

Finally, have fun!

The cups are not hard feeling. They survived being played with and shoved in pockets very well. They can be washed and re-shaped repeatedly.

Unlike the regular starching, no mess was made and no overnight drying. So I’m calling this experiment a success!


cool! thanks for sharing your experiment
this will help if & when I decide to make snowflakes


Delightful post! I laughed when I saw the items you used to shape your tiny teacups!

Thanks for reporting in…I remember the day when sugar water was used to stiffen crochet doilies…not a good thing if you don’t want ants and other critters in your house! lol

I am intrigued with how they are moldable but not stiff…I hate that when I make crochet earrings!


Interesting! Will have to try the technique. Your cups are very cute!

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Super cute! Love your molds! :laughing:

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They’re so cute! And it’s great that you’ve found a better-for-you way to stiffen them up a bit!

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:eyes: Great googly moogly! :eyes: Your craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Tried it on an ornament with great success!


This brings back great memories of my grandmother making teacups forbud to play with :heart: she’s from Romania and this was back in the 90s.

They turned out real nice, and I hope they wæbring as much joy as the ones I had did.


Hopefully you make many more memories to treasure!
My grandmother’s we’re more likely to teach me to fish or bake but always celebrated anything handmade as a delight to hold close.

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