Tissue Holder & Pouches to use up small bits of Fabric

I have quite a few fat quarters that I have collected (hoarded) during the last two years…probably boredom shopping late at night…I have decided that I need to start using these up, so I have been scouring the internet for projects (other than quilts and clothing). I found a person on YouTube who makes the cutest things AND, I have learned quite a few new short cuts and tricks by watching them…

I saw these tissue holders made by @Animegirlie and went down the rabbit hole!

I modified them to fit the smaller and thicker tissue packs that I found at the Dollar Tree.
And, while they are reversible, the practical side of me knows I won’t ever bother to turn them inside out, so the next batch, I am just going to line them with plain solids and save the nice fabric to make more to give to everyone.

While on the YouTube channel, I also found a tutorial on making these darling zipperless pouches! I love them and boy, are they quick!


A nice matching set!

Here is the link to the tutorial, if anyone is interested:


Nice! What a great way to use up those bits of fabric.

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I love these fabrics! awesome job!!

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These are lovely, and so useful.

I’m currently out for a pizza with my DH and I’ve a bag by @Ewulotta and tissue holder by ??? I love having lettuce creations in my daily life.


Those zipperless pouches are cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern…I will have to make some :slight_smile:

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I am going to add some small tabs to the next ones because I think they can be used as little crossover bags as well…I have lots of straps from old purses that I can then also use up! Working through my stash!

You can really knock out a lot…I made a template converting cm to inches so it would be easier with the tools I have. Here is a picture of the sides…it can hold quite a bit!

@Edel …same here…perhaps you recognize what I carry in my large bag… :slight_smile:


Great idea about the tabs!
Or I suppose we can size it up a smidge for crossover bags, or size it down a smidge to hold cards and cash?

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He has a video for making cute card holders…my goal is to try out as many of the patterns as I can, until I get bored…lol…he also has the neatest small bags.


Or until you make a sizeable dent in your fabric stash? :wink:

I feel like I heard a maniacal cackle coming from AIMR’s neck of the woods just now with some "… as if that’s possible"s thrown in. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow! These turned out great!

Lol! My fabric stash is sizeable and no matter how much I try to destash, it keeps growing. It’s a mystery!


I have the same problem, and also no matter how many scrappy quilts I make, there is always a growing scrap pile

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That goes back a while!

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Yes, but it shows how long we have been friends and how well it has held up! Still loving it, and for many years to come!

:hugs: :grin: xxxx

These little pouches are awesome! Still planning tissue covers for stocking stuffers this year, coz these are adorable.

Yeah, I noticed the one I was using was a bit ratty, so I figured all the ones I gave as gifts a few years ago must be looking the same… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:…everyone is getting a new one!

What a cute set!

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