To Be Read jar

I made this for @chameleonhound in the book swap.

I used vinyl letters on it, and then put a light sponge coating of dishwasher safe mod podge over it. I wanted to protect the vinyl, and also the iridescent finish on the jar.

The idea is to write books you were looking forward to reading on the little slips and putting them into the jar. Then, you can decide what youโ€™ll read next by randomly pulling a slip from the jar. Just to kind of put a fun spin on the decision making process.

Thanks for looking!


Love the idea of randomness :smiley:
Sometimes itโ€™s so hard to decide what to read/do next.
I might make myself something similar. -Things to do when bored-

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Thatโ€™s cute & fun. It could be good for books you want to read again too, sometimes I look at the shelf & donโ€™t know how to choose one.


Thatโ€™s a super fun swap item idea! Love that you included the little โ€œbookโ€ papers, nice touch!

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I love it!

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So cute! I love the texture of the mod podge coating, too.

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Thanks, guys!


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Interesting idea! The mod podge finish is a nice touch!

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Great idea! I like how you included the matchy slips of paper. The whole thing is so visually appealing and also super useful.

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Thank you!!

Wow, you gave me a great idea. I will be trying to make this jar for my daughter.

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Welcome! And thanks for the compliment- glad I could help! :smile:

I received from @chameleonhound! What an awesome package!

First, the exceptional card:

So fun, and SO TRUE!

Next, the books. These both look so awesome! The Crossings book, I had heard of before, and it can be read two different ways. Iโ€™m excited to explore both of these!

She made me the COOLEST escape room diorama! I love this! So clever!

And some yummy treats! These will NOT last long! :yum:

Thank you so much, Robin, for an amazing package!

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