Together We Make A Family Embroidered Cover Coptic Bound Journal

I embroidered this for January stitchalong theme, but knew I didn’t want to hoop it, so I set it aside to think about what to do. I decided a while back that I would make it into a journal, and that finally came to life tonight.

I added cut heavy cardstock and spray glued some batting to the front to give the cover some dimension and a soft feel.

It has 5 signatures using 3 sheets of paper each making each signature equal 12 pages.

I think I could have bound it a little tighter as it wiggles quite a bit (but I think coptic does).

Each the book alternates between a bright and soft yellow.

The back is green cardstock.

The book measures 5" by 7".

Thanks for looking!


This is absolutely stunning. Well done!


Wow! What a fun project! Will it be a family album? Or a gift?


The advantage to having a wiggly binding is that there’s lots of space to paste in extra thickness. :slight_smile:


@MightyMitochondria Thank you so much!

@Smmarrt Thanks! I’m not sure what it’ll be for yet, but I think I’ll probably keep it.

@thanate You’re right! Great point. Thanks.


I love yellow! Nice job on the cover; the padding adds some depth and dimension.

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I enjoy seeing projects that combine beauty and function…a notebook cover was a good idea for your lovely piece.

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That is beautiful and I love the colors! You are so multitalented!

Great work! so many pages to doodle in!

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Woo, nice one! This is such a great project.

This is so wonderful! I love it.

Truly lovely!!!

@underthemountain Thank you!

@kittykill Thank you! I think I might do the same idea with March’s soccer ball one.

@Magpie and @joyfulclover Aww, thanks so much!

@LadybugsAndBees :slight_smile: I gotta craft allthethings!

@aimr Yes, I think so too. Thank you!

@endymion Thank you. I love the dimension it adds–plus it used up a supply scrap!

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This is just fabulous!! What a perfect way to mount your gorgeous embroidery! :heart:

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