Traveling Little Visitor Swap Round 30 - Gallery

Yay! We have a gallery! Post your photos here guys :smile:

Traveling Little Visitor Swap Round 30
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It’s not the most exciting picture, but Iki came with us earlier this week to see Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker in the fancy Dolby Completely Captivating theater. (translation: the seats actually rumble from the intensity of the sound! lol )


Geeze, you’re always so organized and on top of things you make the rest of us look bad :laughing: You posted before I even finished sending out emails announcing we had a gallery!



Have to get pictures sorted after phone issue… but will post loads soon!

What is our sending out date again, Bonnie?

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I was sitting on the board and saw the topic pop up in the feed of new posts. I swear I’m not organized at all in reality! :smile:

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Feb 29th, I just edited my first post to include that. But I’m wondering if we should push it back a month? Does anyone feel like they lost a month due to the Craftster closing fiasco?
Moving it back also gives the Mods more time to sort out swapping on here. Let me know what you all think.

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I’m happy to get an extra month… feel like I need this over Christmas period for photos etc all the time anyway. :wink:

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Some photos from the fireworks. Only on TV though. Maybe once the twins are older we could pop into the city, but with about 75000 revellers I don’t really fancy it…

Mons Meg firing…

And our Lone Piper (that should be picture 1, Mons Meg pic 2 and fireworks pic 3… )

Might go up one of our city hills this year…


I would be totally fine adding a month to the swap. It’s definitely been a little crazy with the closure and new site, so having more time to settle in and get situated makes sense to me.


A gallery? Yahoo! I just posted yesterday about the new coat I made for SusieQ with yarn from the ebay sale! She is cute in her summer clothes, but we’ve had some cold days and I didn’t want her to freeze when she explored.

I would LOVE to have an extra month! We’ve seen a bunch, but I was stressing a bit about souvenirs and the scrapbook (although I did order “some” pictures for that yesterday.).


I would support an extra month if everyone wants to. There were actually several things that I felt like I couldn’t include because of the end date. For instance, a convention/retreat (NETA Spa, Knit, and Spin 2020) that is local to me. I am hoping to attend this year for at least a day. No pressure though!

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I took Daisy to the L.L.Bean flagship stores on Xmas Eve :slight_smile:


I love all those. What a beautiful decor they do! I giggled with the one in the boots.

**Ok, the new send out date is March 28th! **
Even if you don’t have photos to post, if everyone could leave a comment in this thread it would help us make sure everyone got the message. If your username is different here please message me so I know who you are :grin:


I like daisy’s sweater. I’m ok with the push back a month


Happy new year to everyone and I am so happy we have a new home :smiley:

Dani helped me cook Christmas Day lunch and lay the table. We had a lovely day, with far too much food.

More than happy with a later send date, as we are in Orlando for 2 weeks in March. 28th March gives me a week after we get back, so as long as I have everything else ready to go, I will just need to add in the photos from the holiday :smiley::heart_eyes:


Peanut and i are still around! We’ve not been up to a ton, but there have been some adventures… I don’t remember where I left off on the last site, so apologies if these are pictures you’ve seen before…


A guy at work brings authentic Ethiopian food when their fasting is over in December, it’s delicious!

Christmas party at Always and Furever Midwest Animal Sanctuary (a big barn for senior dogs pulled from kill shelters).

We went to see Star Wars… the Thursday it opened… at 11:30 at night…

Shoveling snow!

“Antique” store shopping!

At the Pet Expo

We got about a million pictures at the Spencer Museum of Art at KU!

…as well as at their Natural History Museum!




I need to go back through this thread and get caught up, but in the meantime, I’m happy to have the extra month. I’ll be playing in a big theatrical production in February (it’s actually really cool - I play in a Balinese Gamelan and we’re doing a big “Wayang Listrik” show — Big time shadow puppetry with dancers and actors and amazing live effects. I’m not allowed to post my own photos on social media before the actual production), so this will give me a little bit of extra time after that craziness is ended.


Today we went for a walk down town in the snow.

Perri with Sitka and Mt Edgecumbe in the background

We took the kids to the playground, Perri posed with the giant salmon

St Peters By The Sea was built in 1899

The grocery store here has a fantastic view. Mt Edgecumbe is dormant, but whats cool is that’s actually a huge volcanic field out there with remnants of numerous ancient volcanoes :slight_smile: Google Earth shot to show what I’m talking about
Who ever we host this summer may get to hike Mt Edgecumbe with us


Snow! sigh

I took a photo of Zoey with some of the instruments during a break in rehearsal today.