Trees and ferns and fauna

It’s donate a quilt square time again. The theme is Trees and ferns and well, just anything Michigan that you can find in the woods.

I’ve done two so far. But once I get started, I think of other things I want to do. The squares are various sizes, so it leaves me with some fun ideas. Here are the first two. These little beauties are fun, quick and make me happy.

Ferns. What else to do with fern-like batik fabric? Cut out all those little ferny-like bits, add some rainbow flannel, and stitch around every little cutout. Whew. But I love the result.

And then of course DRAGONFLIES! Love 'em. I created a sandwich of gauze backing, strips of organza, an overlay of yellow organza, and lots of stitching. I then embroidered a dragonfly body and added the wings. More stitching. Whew.

See some of the fabric? Oooo pretty.


Your work always amazes me and anyone who receives it is super duper lucky.

Wow!! This is so stunning! The batik is GORGEOUS, your stitching complements it perfectly, and the layered dragonfly wings have so much depth and dimension. I LOVE it all!

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So many little cut outs on those ferns! The effect is totally worth it. Wow!

The dragonfly is beautiful but that sandwich is swoon worthy! And look how much you have left for future projects…

The ferns are beautiful!


Wow! These are absolutely stunning! Love the dragonfly wings. Thanks for showing the fabric “masterboard” you used. Cool!

These are absolutely amazing! I love the ferns especially.

These are goooooooorgeous!!!

This is positively stunning work, so much colour and texture. Just gorgeous.

More little goodies. These are all 4" squares, fun filler squares! We have a little Indigo Bunting, Mullein, and Queen Anne’s Lace. I just can’t stop making these. But I do have to start making surgical masks, that will be a nice stash buster and useful too.

My goodness, you are talented!

I have to pick my jaw up from the floor now.