Final Trees and ferns and fauna

It’s donate a quilt square time again. The theme is Trees and ferns and well, just anything Michigan that you can find in the woods. The quilt assembler kindly said to send them all and she return anything she doesn’t use. And the deadline has been moved to June. But I need to stop making these…maybe I’ll start an art quilt.

This is the last one and the largest at 8" x 8". Others were 6 x 6, 4x 4, and 4 x 8.
I used some of the fabric sandwich I made for the dragonfly for the 3D leaves, the rest is dyed interfacing, silk, linen and other swatches. And simple random line embroidery. I like the layering, it turned out well.

Here are links to the other squares.


Oooo! I love the 3D and the running stitch holding on scrappy bits. Beautiful!

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Oh, how wonderful! “Turned out well” indeed! Thank you for sharing your inspiring art.

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I really like this :heart:

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Boy-o-boy, i love these!! This one is by far my favorite!!

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Completely mesmerizing!

So detailed and so beautiful! I’m a fan of the all-over stitching and the 3-D elements

Just gorgeous! Beautiful layering and detail!

You are my favourite quilter of all time, you really are.

an art quilt would be AMAZING! Your work is gorgeous

I love this - the texture and dimensionality of the piece is great, and those leaves are wonderful!

Aww, shucks… :blush: