Tropical Depression, Felted Necklace

Felted necklace using one of my twice wet felted Mokume Gane pod pendants.


Such a statement piece! Love the aqua with the brown…

I meant to ask…are your items meant to be worn next to clothing? I imagine they are soft against the skin but was wondering how they fair if exposed to moisture, oils, etc.

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They are very soft!

You can wear them either way: outside of clothing or against the skin. All these pieces can be gently washed. You just need to avoid agitation which may cause further fulling and distort proportions.

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Did you use the cutting in technique you posted before?

The center bead reminds me of …I’m trying to recall. It might have been Yellowstone? With the sulfur pits? with the yellow and aqua? against the protective surface?

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Beautiful work! I love the effect of the little seed beads.

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Oh ya, sulphur pits in water! Cool.
Very beautiful composition. All the elements come together to make a magical piece. I imagine wearing one of your necklaces and the comments from people seeing it. Do you wear them out? What do people say? It must be endless, they are so eye-catching!

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I used cutting in the Mokume Gane Pods that I posted.
The pendant in this necklace is one of those pods. Was that the technique you were referring to?

Yellowstone has so many gorgeous hot springs! It’s been ages since I’ve seen them in person, but I do get to see photos fairly regularly! Nature is amazing!!

The turquoise in this pod made me think of tropical seas and since the turquoise in this pod is in the recessed area or “depression” it seemed like a good choice for a name! Naming jewelry pieces is still sort of a new thing to me.

About the only going out I do is grocery shopping. I used to go out to lunch with a friend now and then and that would be an opportunity to wear some of my work, but that doesn’t happen any more.
It’s nice to know that you think I would get a lot of compliments, but it isn’t something I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in person. :blush:

I’ve read your profile etc on the EBSQ site and know you’ve got 2 books out there on felting but I haven’t found a shop. Do you keep all this lovely work you make? You are astonishingly productive. I know you tragically lost everything in a fire in the past and are rebuilding a collection. Do you plan to show this work publically or is it mostly for a new book?
I am so fascinated by your creations and happy that you share your process here. It’s amazing to see and follow along.

Thank you!

I would love to show my work and see it all re-homed.
I am teaching myself new skills in the hopes that I’ll be able to share that with others via another book. I do love working with fiber, but there is a vulnerable quality to it that is sometimes in opposition to what I want. I grew up around metal-smiths that were creating amazing jewelry and I came to be a huge fan of polymer clay and how versatile a medium it is. Metal and polymer clay both have a permanence that fiber lacks, but fiber is more “sympathetic” if you understand what I mean. Humans produce fiber in our hair. Fabric is often very similar to our skin. Fiber has a relationship with the wearer.

I love sharing my knowledge, but I’m also trying to create things to leave for my son. I had hoped that my paintings would be a source of security for him and within the span of a few hours 40 years of work was gone. In the last 6 years I’ve lost my husband and so much of my work.

Life is fragile and maybe that is why I am still working with fiber rather than trying to get back to painting or working in some resilient medium.

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My gosh, is that a photo of your previous studio? Such an incredible space, wow.
How heartbreaking to lose so much, home and husband too. My condolences and (((hugs))) to you.
Thank you for sharing part of your story. It’s heavy. I can see your motivation, the fragility and impermanence of even the most thoughtful, time-consuming work. Juxtaposition of material, softness of life and our way through it. Lots to think about.

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Yes, that was my studio - it looks curved which is wasn’t. My brother took the photos all from one spot and then knitted them together to create the whole room. It doesn’t even show that there was another layer of paintings above the ones that can be seen and a lot more stacked up in the loft. It was a beautiful space where I could “dance with my canvases”.

Our home was spared (just across the driveway). My new studio is the dining room coupled with a closet that is my wet felting place. It’s a nice space. It lacks privacy but since I tend to get to work early and my son’s home activities are generally later in the day, I get some decent work time. My cats tend to interrupt my work. In fact today I was modifying my work desk a bit after Goose shoved a lot of my tools and stuff onto the floor.

I’ve been and still am very fortunate so trying to make very good use of my time! :wink:

I love this sentiment. :slight_smile:

Your work is beautiful and vulnerable and a reflection of nature and yourself and your losses. It’s like art evolves with us as we journey through life. So powerful! Thank you for sharing.


Lol. I love the name Goose for a cat!
I’m all too familiar with this. My 3 felines have a tendency to want to ‘help’ when I try to create. I spend the first 10 mins of any making session fending them off :joy:

I am so sorry for all that you have lost, but am in awe of how you are carrying on with work regardless.
Thank you for sharing a little of your story and your beautiful work x

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Thank you for making note of that.

It’s a observation about the medium I’m using that I’ve never actually put into words before. I’m sure the idea has been kicking around in my head for some time, but I’ve never said it or heard anyone else say it. Now I have to let my brain think about all the ways that’s significant.

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Thank you!

I love cats and dogs and beasties in general. It’s a new experience for me having them “in my work”. Previously I had work space that was pet free. They often don’t understand that I’m not making them special toys and laying down on top of my brush mat or removing the needles from my pin cushion are not ways to help me!

Have you tried a squirt bottle set on stream? Very good for fending off cats. It’s just water. It doesn’t hurt them at all and after you’ve squirted them once you only need to show them the bottle and they’ll stop fighting, let you eat your dinner in peace, not sneak out the door, stop chewing on your orchids or whatever else you need them not to be doing! :cat2:

I’m a very pragmatic person. I don’t want my life to be defined by what I lost. I want that loss to somehow make me a better person and artist than I might otherwise have been.

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This finished piece is absolutely beautiful and the name is absolutely perfect. Thank you for sharing so much of your personal story.

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