Trying sourdough and your tips and tricks requested

Hi there! Like everyone else during this pandemic, I can’t find yeast. I’m happy to report that flour is now easier to find in my area, so I’m no longer clutching my precious bags like Gollem and am actually using them. I’m generally a cake/quick bread maker, and I occasionally dabble with yeasty goods. Sourdough is new to me, and I’ve hopped on the train with half the world. These are my first and second loaves with my starter—a long neglected bit of KAF starter a friend gave me that I poured off the months-old hooch from and fed for a good week before I felt it was good to go. So far I feel moderately successful, but I would love any advice or tips you have—I know a lot of you are confirmed fermenters. :heart::heart: So far I’ve only done 100% Hydration with white bread (strong) flour. I like puckery sourdough, but I have two young kiddos who prefer it a on the weaker side.



Your bread looks delish! There’s a great sourdough discussion going on here with lots of loafy chat if you’re interested :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good job!

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