Tula Pink Giraffes Cross Stitch Project Keeper

When I saw this giraffe fabric at my local indie fabric store, I knew I had to get a half yard to make something for my MIL - giraffes are her favorite. And I figured that something would be some kind of project bag.

When I went to more one, I decided to look for a pattern instead of winging it and I found this Cross Stitch Project Keeper by Tiger Lily Designs on Etsy. There are a few ways to make it which can include a version with 24 vinyl pockets for floss on bobbins, but I went with 2 plain sides since I don’t remember if my MIL bobbins her floss.


I went to two stores for black and white skeins of floss and both stores had none and a pretty decimated floss section in general. I grabbed a GITD and a Christmas variegated. I have one more place to try for the others before I send this off.


I also didn’t trust myself to pick a pattern for her, so I made this little die cut sign to show that there are pockets behind the zipper pockets.


Here’s the back.

When you use the bobbin pocket style you get a cool 2" square quilting pattern. Since I didn’t do those pockets, I decided to just sort of follow the pattern in loose curves.

Closed it is approximately 13"x 9.5" / 33cm x 24cm and the closure flap has enough give to really put some supplies in there!

Other than the giraffe that I picked up last summer, every other piece was from stash! Even the fusible foam! The zippers were given to me by my 2nd cousin who is slyly destashing her some of her mom’s stuff - they’re outerwear zips and a bit bulky, so I had them open in opposite directions to minimize the bulk. I have had that striped fabric for probably at least 15 years!

I was going to link to the pattern, but it seems to be “sold out” even though it’s a digital download. Perhaps it’s just a setting in the shop that needs attention, so if you were interested you might try to contact the shop owner about it. It comes with a link to an assembly video which was very helpful.


It looks like it is a good size and I do love a fun Tula Pink fabric. I am sure your MIL will be thrilled with this. I like that striped fabric matched with it, too. It paired well with the business of a Tula Pink print.


Fun! And i like the choices made, like the pocket sign instead of a pattern etc.

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Thanks, pals!

@gozer it’s big enough to easily tuck in a pdf printed pattern (letter-sized paper).


I love this fabric! What a stylish way to store a project! And it’s awesome that it’s large sized.

That is good sized! I thought the striped fabric was part of the Tula Pink collection, it works really well with the giraffe print. I really like how you chose to quilt this. I’ve found that some quilting can detract from the overall finished product, but your really quilting accentuates the pattern. You are always creating such thoughtful gifts!

Beautifully done my friend! Your MIL is going to love it.

Thanks, everyone!

@Bunny1kenobi It’s bigger than I imagined it would be, so hopefully a size she’ll like.

@AudiobookLover Yes! I thought the quilted squares would really not suit those giraffes at all and be a weird scale to the print, as well.

@MistressJennie Awww, you!

great project keeper. love the fabric and the big pockets!

What a great gift, and a handy way to store floss or other types of protects. (It looks like there is a pattern like that back in stock in that Etsy shop now.) Love the striped border print along with the Tula giraffe fabric. The wavy quilting is the perfect touch!

Thanks so much, y’all!

I wanted to use all stash if I could, and thought a small-scale design b/w would work regardless of what else I came up with. I’m tickled that the stripe worked out!

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That’s some rad fabric! Your MIL is going to love it. It’s very cool you were able to bust some stash as well, the stripey fabric looks fab with it.

Thanks! A classic stripe for the win!

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:giraffe: :giraffe: :giraffe: Your amazing project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Congrats! :giraffe: :giraffe: :giraffe:


Wait, what? Awwwww, thanks!

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Oh this is way cool and so useful!!!

This is such a cool gift! It looks wonderful and adorable whimsical. :purple_heart:

Thanks, y’all! I just checked tracking and it’s on schedule to be delivered tomorrow! That said, the birthday is not until next week.

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Fabulous use of the jazzy fabrics, and such a beautifully made and thoughtful gift!

Thank you! She unwrapped it this morning and was very excited!