Tulle Dish Scrubbies (with basic tutorial)

These are quick and easy to make, and they work remarkably well! I use tulle that comes on a roll and a large hook. I made a bunch at Christmas, and then got a request for another one (that I gave away before I took a picture… but it’s the same green).

How to:
Start with a magc ring (or start with a few chains, join to make a loop, then crochet into that loop… but you’ll end up with a bigger hole in the center).
Round 1: Chain 3, then dc 11 more (12 dc), join with a slip stitch to top of ch 3.
Round 2: Chain 3, dc in same stitch, then 2 dc in each stitch around, join with a slip stitch to top of ch 3
Fasten off and weave tail in. I like to leave a long tail on the inside, because I use it to tie the 2 sides together.

Make a second one, but don’t fasten off after the second round.

Tie the 2 halves together using the tails using a double knot (this gives it a little extra puffiness, too). Trim off the excess tulle.

Single crochet the two halves together, stitching through one loop on each piece (you could stitch through the both loops on each half, but I found it was easier to just stitch through one on each).

Fasten off and weave in the tail.

It usually takes me just over a half an hour to make each one.


Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial. :smiley:

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Very nice! And such a useful thing, too. I have a similar one I got somewhere, and I run it through the dishwasher every once in a while (top rack only). It has held up fine so far. Thanks for the tutorial; I may have to make myself another one!

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Here are 2 more! They came out a little bigger than previous versions because I used a slightly taller spool of tulle, so the “yarn” was a bit thicker.

HAH!!! HAHAHAHA! Yeah right. Heh. Just joking. Seriously, if I could get the hang of crocheting, I’d love to make some of these. I have some yarn called Scrub-ology and the best I’ve done was a double sided knit.

Knowing me, though, I’ll try again (after our repairs are done and I have more space to throw the crochet hook across the room, and find it, :grin:)

You should definitely give crochet another try, especially if you want to design more creatures! I think crochet is easier to use for 3D objects (just like knitting is better for fine, lacy objects).

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