Lettuce Craft Crochet Patterns & Tutorials

This is an ongoing list of crochet patterns posted for free by members here on Lettuce Craft. I will continue to add to it as new patterns are posted. If I have missed a crochet pattern you’ve posted, please let me know below.


:couch_and_lamp: :coffee: :sleeping_bed: Afghans & Blankets
Apache Tears Tutorial by @storerboughtcreation
Simple Chevron Blanket Tutorial by @storerboughtcreation

:handbag: :shopping: :purse: Bags
Squircle Bag by @bethntim

:christmas_tree: :jack_o_lantern: :rabbit2: Holidays
Easter Bunny by @bethntim
Easter Eggs by @madebyBeaG

:house: :basket: :house_with_garden: Home & Kitchen
Sloth Plant Hanger by @bethntim
Road Trip Dishcloth by @craftADDchick
Swiffer Duster Cover by @geekgirl
Tulle Dish Scrubbies by @craftADDchick

:yarn: :orange_heart: :star: Misc
Mourning Flag by @chek

:older_woman:t3: :scarf: :older_woman:t4: Shawls & Wraps
Rainbow Reading Wrap by @MistressJennie

:teddy_bear: :baseball: :flying_disc: Stuffies & Toys
Bangers and Mash - Superdogs! Stuffies by @storerboughtcreation
Snails! Stuffies by @Smeddley
Bob the Blood Drop by @Smeddley
Bird Blood Drop by @Smeddley
Shark Blood Drop by @Smeddley
Caterpillar by @Magpie
Olive the Otter Reindeer by @storerboughtcreation
Crocheted Heart by @madebyBeaG
Stuffed Ball by @madebyBeaG
Decorative Ball by @madebyBeaG



thanks for this! Sometimes I just want a little project without hunting all over the internet…so many cool projects by our own people! yay!