Twigs and Twine Stars

A golden oldie I posted on my Blog today: holiday decor stars I made from twigs and twine.

I hope you like them.


I’d love to know more about your process in making these.


These have such a woodsy charm.

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Really wonderful! I, too, would be interested to see how you make them.

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Thanks, @MistressJennie, @TheMistressT and @endymion !

I made them many years ago and don’t have in process pictures.
But I used cut off twigs from the garden, cut them all at about the same length, dried them for a while, so they wouldn’t shrink too much afterwards, sort of puzzled the stars together, since the twigs weren’t straight, used a hot glue gun to keep some pieces in place while I tied the twine around them. It was all quite fiddly and a lot of trial and error.

We discarded them this year, because they were finally starting to fall apart because of the shrinkage. But we used them many years as holiday decor, on pieces of string in front of our windows.


Thanks for the project details! It’s a shame you had to toss them, they are darling.

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Here are two pictures of single ones:

I seem to remember I fastened the ends together first (and wove in the ends of the twine with a needle) and later did the fastening of the middle part with a single piece of twine.


Thanks so much for describing the process and showing the individual pictures; it helps a lot! I’m thinking these would make pretty package decorations.


These are so rustic and pretty! I agree. They would look fantastic adorning gifts or as you used them for decoration!

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This picture would be nice on the front of a card.


My thoughts exactly.
I used an old picture of one of my other crafts (crocheted snowballs) for this years Holidays card.

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What a great craft. There are so many possible uses for these!

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Thanks, everyone!

Thanks, @AudiobookLover! Yes, and you can make them in all kinds of sizes.

I would recommend collecting and cutting twigs in summer (I used off-cuts from different trees and shrubs left over from pruning) and leaving them to dry for quite a while, so your stars won’t fall apart once the twigs shrink while loosing their moisture.
On the other hand, they look prettier when the twigs are fresh! But be prepared to throw them away after a single use then. Or you could reassemble them with new twine.

Another tip: draw a five-point star on a piece of paper, or find such a star online and print it.
Puzzle your stars together on top of that piece of paper. That might improve their shape.
If you’re going to use the drawing/print over and over again, you might want to laminate it first.


Those are some really good tips!

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These are fantastic! How pertect for right now.

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Thanks, @Magpie !

(A blast from the past.)