Twix Cookies

I made cookies with Twix bars in them!

I used this recipe:

I cut up 18 fun sized Twix bars for the cookies - I cut them into pieces widthwise and then cut each of those pieces into 2 instead of lengthwise then widthwise like the recipe instructs. Cutting it lengthwise first caused the cookie part of the candy bar to crumble a lot. I also added 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips.

The dough all mixed up:

The recipe recommended using parchment paper on the cookie sheets because of the caramel in the Twix bars, so I did and it worked really well!

I used my cookie scoop (~1.5 Tbsp I think) to scoop the dough onto the baking sheets, and ended up with 33 cookies.

They turned out pretty well and taste good!


Looks yummy, now I want cookies :slight_smile:

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I love Twix - these look delicious!

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My kids would love these! I will have to try it. I’ll probably eat most of them :rofl:


Ooooh, those look yummy! Hmmm, cookies sound good right now. Think I have a cookie mix around here somewhere…


Thank you all! :smiley: :cookie:

What! :exploding_head: I would never have thought to put candy bars in cookies. These sound amazing!

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