Two ATCs and My First Twichie

I made two ATCs in February along with my very first ever twinchie! :grin: I actually really like the twinchie size so I may do more in the future :slight_smile:

“Grow” using masterboards, sticker, measuring tape, and some sparkly tape.

“Crafty Day” on a shimmery pearly background with masterboard edges, buttons hand-sewn on, puffy butterfly sticker, and mini masterboards for the flower petals.

And here is my first twinchie, “Miniature Masterboard Mosaic” made from mini masterboards on top of a glittery gold background and with sparkly tape for the border.

(The mini masterboards came from this project)

Thanks for looking! :kissing_heart:


I love that flower! Isn’t it so cool how even a strip of Masterboard trim adds so much detail and depth? I think that is so cool.

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They are all great but the flower one is so sweet.

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Love the measuring tape, and the tiling of the masterboard on the twinchie.

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