Typewriter letters, wood stamps, and scrap clay pieces

Everything I’ve posted so far has been in sets of three. Huh.
Anyway, a while back I bought typeballs from IBM Selectric typewriters, with the intention of texturing pottery with them. They’ve been fun. And sometimes when I’m slab building, I find that what I make with my scraps can be more successful than the planned project. In the case of the two front pieces, I don’t even remember what they were constructed from scraps of, or even whether I even completed the intended projects! It was fun to add blood-red underglaze and super-shiny clear glaze to the “gashes.”


those are awesome! the more I look the more I love them!

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I really like the texture from the typewriter fonts!

The typewriter idea is so clever!

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Very different (at least very new to my eye), and therefore incredibly attractive.


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These are super cool. I love the texture and blood red under glaze.

So cool! The texture and glazes look magical on these. What a great recycling idea.
You just inspired me to go out to our electronics recycling pile at work and see if I could find any fun items for monoprinting. I mostly just found dust, but I’ll be sure to keep checking back. :slight_smile:


Ooh, I’d love to see what you come up with! There’s so much great texture to find in old metal, wood, and plastic stuff.

Those turned out amazing! Do you texturize before you shape the slab or after?

Super fun! Love how they turned out. Kinda steampunkish.

Before cutting the slab. So the two front pieces were made from scraps cut from several other pieces, patchworked together. Also, I tried to maintain the scraps’ shapes as much as possible, so the clay told me a lot about how the pieces would be shaped.

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This is the coolest!

Love these. The shapes and textures are wonderful.

They look so wicked! Very unique. I like that you let the clay tell you what it wants to be. I think that is a very nifty way to work with materials.

So cool! Love the text-texture

I really like these. And the fact they were made from your “scraps” is awesome.

Cool, I really like all the texture! And they do look great as a threesome. I’ve used the type balls in encaustic wax but hadn’t thought of other squishy substrates

These are completely amazing. And I LOVE that you use typewriters to texture! SUPER super creative!

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Ooooh these are really cool! Good use of old type letters!! (and I love the red glaze too!)

The typewriter ball is perfect for this application! You would almost have to have something like that as stamping each letter would be tedious and take way more time than it should. I really enjoy these pieces. :heart:

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