Unisex Knitted Cowl - Get Ahead of the Holidays Challenge Entry

I’ve been on a mission to destash yarn that I’ve accumulated over the years. Gorgeous, soft, fluffy yarns. I decided to knit some holiday gifts for my partner’s aunt and uncle who routinely send us random gifts out of the blue and the kindness of their hearts (the most recent was a gift card when we adopted our pup - so sweet, and appreciated!).

For uncle, I made the Rusty Cowl, with a camel beige fingering yarn as well as a beautiful deep blue/green fingering yarn from knitpicks. I wish I had held the yarns double to get a thicker cowl in the end, but it turned out to be a good transitional season piece. I love the patterns, and did my first provisional cast on and join with this project.

Here’s some quick pics of the shawl I made the aunt, the Lightweight Hipster. I am the worst and picking the right yarn weight to use for the pattern. It worked out, but I made it in a worsted weight when the pattern calls for fingering…which is kind of funny because there’s a version of this pattern that is made for worsted yarn, but that’s not the one I bought.

Anyway, some quick pictures (not a part of the Holiday challenge):


These are both gorgeous, such lovely thoughtful gifts!

These are both wonderful! Love the shawl. Gray goes with almost anything so they should be able to get a lot of use out of it!

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These are both so lovely! I think I could wear a lighter cowl all winter - all the shops are heated so much in winter - so maybe it’ll be just right for uncle, anyway.

These are so beautiful!

these are both fantastic! and more stash gone, right?
that is the most impressive part to me (as I sit here with a cart open ready to pop 3 skeins of sport weight in, when I really really shouldn’t )

Gorgeous, I’m in awe of your skills.

Thanks everyone!

@kayrun I definitely started with the yarns first, and found patterns that would work with them to suit the gift recipients. When I start project first, I almost always end up buying new yarn lol.

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Wow! I love that intricate pattern. I actually prefer lighter-weight scarves and cowls, even in the depths of winter. The gray one is very pretty, too.

These are both awesome and will be excellent and appreciated gifts!

Man. I will have to give you a call the next time I want to try a provisional cast on. My first attempt was such a failure!

So beautiful!

These are both truly lovely. The cowl is my fave tho. So much visual interest with the variety of motifs.

Thanks everyone!

These are both gorgeous, but that cowl is absolutely stunning! I love the contrast creating the delineation between the bluey color and the beige.