Upcycled Desk Storage - D&F 2020 Q1 Contest Entry

Wanting to recycle and reuse as many things as I can, I saved this container (Nesquick, chocolate milk, yum). First I painted the container thinking I’ll just stick with paints, but then I decided to try some weaving with it. I have lots of handspun to use up and some are just small samples so not enough to make a regular project.

I did up an icord to do around the top.


That is super cute. I love how you used the handspun. It’s so hard to find a use for those little balls of pretty wool. The poms on the top really make it.

I love how you figured out how to weave around a Nesquick container! And bonus for handspun! Neat-o!

That turned out great! Love the incorporation of handspun :heart:

I wondered what you were up to! This turned out great, what a neat idea.

Fun finish for the top! Was wondering what you would do along that top edge. Nice!!

You can never go wrong with pom poms.

Super fun! I really like the colors and the Pom poms are fun!

Love it, so cheerful. I wondered how people wove around a container.

Great way to use hand spun- showing off is part of the fun! Nice work!

I bet desk supplies look somehow more special stored in this! I LOVE the poms!