Upcycled Halloween Treat Bags

I have no idea if my neighborhood is going to get any trick-or-treaters this year but I wanted to be prepared just in case. I figure bags are the way to go so that we aren’t all digging through the candy bowl, and so kids could get plenty of candy - not just one or two pieces. Looking around the dollar store I couldn’t find any paper bags the right size so I figured it would have to be plastic sandwich bags - functional but boring.

But this morning I had a sudden flash of inspiration to make some cute paper bags out of materials I had on hand.

I had an old Russian book lying around from the library’s discard table but had been somewhat reluctant to use because I had no idea what it was about (could be a treatise on potatoes, could be about war crimes) but today was the day! I pulled out a couple signatures, cut off the inner margins my paper trimmer, folded, glued, and voila! The most complicated part was avoiding my foster kitten’s help.

I made 40 and added some stickers that had been lying in the Halloween box for a couple years as a seasonal touch. I love how they turned out!

I’ll be leaving my light on, and a basket of treat bags outside my door so the kids can get their candy without extra contact. Hopefully we get some takers!


These are sooo much better than plastic baggies! I want to go trick or treating at your house!

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That is so festive! What a fun idea! Let us know if there are any takers.

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These are fantastic! Love your display too.

That is so smart!

Very cute idea!

Clever AND ecological. AWESOME!

What a great way to reuse materials! You also took some great pics to show us.

In the end, only a couple bags were taken and given the lack of noise outside my door I suspect it was by my (adult) neighbors, which is totally ok! I’m still counting it as a success and will save the bags for next year and take the leftover candy in for the student employees at my library. With a bit held back for anxiety-eating on election night.


These are beautiful!

I used organza bags that I have for my shop. I made up 40, and they were going slowly but steadily for about 2 hours, then when my husband got up to let the dog out around 7:15, I put out more. I counted that I had 20 on the table, so we could keep watching our movie for a bit longer before I got up to check again. We heard quite a bit of noise a minute or two later, so I checked again. All 20 were taken in under 5 mins. Probably 3 minutes. Not sure if a few people each took several, or if there was a huge group walking together who came through all at once. After that, I just had 4 left, and when those were gone, we pulled in our table and decorations, and turned out our lights at 7:20. First time I’ve ever run out of candy!