UPDATED! Miniature Woven Basket

Well, I just had to add more leather straps after looking at some online images!

Original “finished” project:

This little basket will be part of a larger project that I’m working on, but if feels like it’s own little project, so I’m posting it!


That is the abandoned first attempt in the upper left corner.

The woven part is make from scrapbook paper that I rubbed brown and black pigment ink on. The bottom is balsa wood tinted with Stain & Seal. The band and handle are made with scrap leather. In fact, the whole thing is made with scraps! YEY!

I wanted to add this image to illustrate how I used the back of the “linen” textured card stock to help the basket look more like reed or rush or whatever real basket materials.


Ohhh, what are you up to? I can tell it’s going to be something epic!

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Just like all your other cool stuffs, I had no idea it was made of scrapbook paper without reading. Color me intrigued what it might become.


THANK YOU! It’s a super top-secret, multi-media, out-of-season craftstravaganza! :tada: Hopefully I will finish it over the weekend. WOOHOO!


Spoiler Alert


Your picture is tagged with meta data that reads “Krampus Nutcracker Pack”

So yeah . . . now I really have to see the finished product as it is combining 2 things I love. I may have a slightly large collection which makes it’s way out for the holidays each year. This looks to be epic!

Now I feel compelled to say things so as you are not disappointed later on…



Nice job! I really thought that was basket reed. Impressive.

I did too.

Great job on getting that effect with paper.

I always love the level of detail you achieve in your projects. Adding a wood base and leather details takes it up several notches. I can’t wait to see the finished project!

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Oh man, this is really clever and cool. If it weren’t in the papercraft forum I’d have had no idea it wasn’t a wooden basket!

Super impressive!

I love this! The texture you achieved with the pigment is very convincing. And the mesh of materials together looks awesome!

That little basket must have taken hours!!!

I am impressed at your crafting problem solving skills…amazing detail and tenacity…

Awwww, THANK YOU everyone! I am really chuffed with how it came out. I must give some credit to pinterest where I found the technique for weaving.

One thing I did to help the paper be more convincing as reeds is that I used the back side of the cardstock. The front is “linen” texture.

I think the wood was going to be the easiest solution for me, the pinterest technique I found just used paper. The balsa I used is also quite thick which gave me lots of surface area for glue and makes the basket that much more stable. Of course, because it’s balsa wood it’s still super lightweight!

@AIMR - Yes, it DID take hours! In fact, I really, truly do not know how these amazing makers make such cool things in such a short amount of time! Everything seems to take me ages. :thinking:


Pinterest or not, YOU did it! :+1:t2:
Great work, so neat and so small, amazing!

Whatever your up to is going to be epic!


I like the new additions! Even better!

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I know! I know what you’re up to! Mwah ha ha, stalker mode :wink:

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Ooh, I can’t wait to see what mischief you’re up to!! :grin: This basket is fab!

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