Use it or lose it! A sharing and caring gift-along

Thanks, @Reinikka , for the tickets!


If anyone is looking to rehome some fleece fabric, any color or pattern, I’d be happy to take it. I’m looking for maybe a 1/2 - yard worth that I plan to cut into ~2 inch wide strips about 8 inches long. I want to add a bit more fullness to my dog’s snuffle mat. Thanks!


omg–perfect timing…how much do you want?

Is it going to be inside something? I can send you plainer or less interesting prints…or, nicer prints if it is outside?


Ooh amazing! It will be added to this snuffle mat to fill in the open mesh you can see. A yard should be sufficient? Thank you!!


Cool mat!

Anybody else need some of this? The bin is full…I used enough to make some soft blocks for my great niece, but everything else is stash that I have no idea what to do with it!

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I wish I lived closer & mail wasn’t such a pain between countries. I’m making a snuggle mat too, & I still need to make 3 of these dolls for my friend that keeps having babies, so many babies!


I haven’t finished your package…I could throw more in…fleece is light…I can use my food dealing bags to compress them…any colors you want…I have some plain beiges, creams, and of course, all the colors in various patterns (including that awesome rainbow!)… :stuck_out_tongue:

Emma…will these do? I can do more…seriously…

Ugh…the color is more lime green than puke green…the brown has the same lime…


If there’s room in the envelope feel free to fill to your content. I’m sure I can find a use for it. Thank you!


Definitely rainbow! Any skin tones, even fantastical ones, anything that would be cute for gender neutral clothes?
Thanks Linda :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re always so generous (so many here are - it’s lovely!!)!! :heart:

@sheepBlue Great mat!!

@Magpie - neat dolls!! :smiley:

Thank you Linda!

Izzy is enjoying the fully fluffed up snuffle mat :dog: :heart:


Awww, Izzy!

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Looks like a good way to keep a dog busy! Glad you could use what I sent!


Looks great!!!

Is it just a soft place to lay down or does it serve another purpose?

We use it to hide bits of treats and kibble. It encourages dogs to “snuffle” or sniff them out which is a beneficial brain activity. It really helps our anxious pup as a distraction, game, and a way to calm her down.

Oh also, it can be used as sort of a slow-feeder too for dogs who eat too fast.


Very neat!!!

Two of my dogs eat at the speed of light and little Nana eats slowly so I fed her in my bedroom with the door closed so the others don’t steal from her.


I know its getting off topic, but what did you use for the base of the mat?

Something I crocheted and abandoned. I made a post about the mat in case people are curious


Has Izzy tried it out?? I had never heard of them before - it is nice to see things being developed like this!!

I’m tempted to try one for my fast eater or my constantly begging treats (2 separate dogs).

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I just made one for my cats. They love it and have spent a lot of time hunting for dry treats! They are fast, though…I think the two of them found the treats in less than 5 minutes! :grin: They know I will fill it up if they find them all (I check by shaking it out!).