Use the good stuff craftalong

“use the good stuff” has become a kind of a mantra in the last few years for me. Like many of you guys, I’ve been guilty of storing the “good” supplies. The fabric that is too good to cut into, the yarn is too good for this project, the paper is too special. But life is too short to hold onto stuff for some (undefined) special day when we will finally find a project when we will, at last,use the good stuff.

We need to use the good stuff now, we need to bring it out, dust it off and make something with it. For so many reasons it’s a great idea. The good stuff is such a pleasure to use, it’s joyful. Colours and patterns date, and materials deteriorate over time.

So this craftalong is to encourage you to pull out the good stuff and make something with it. Take a deep breath and cast on, cut in, take apart, just make a start. And if you’ve some good stuff that it feels impossible that you could use, show it to us and we’ll encourage you to get started. And if course we want to see the end result (and hear about how much you enjoyed working with the good stuff)

Thanks to @AIMR @Magpie @thanate and @Bugaboo for inspiration for this craftalong.


Word, sister. This philosophy has profoundly changed and defined my life since I first heard it from you. I will be here, you’ll see me using the good stuff!


I have found this notion so meaningful and inspiring since I first heard of it a few years ago on the old site, but I have only dipped my toes in the good waters. I do have some plans for a few pieces of fabric, but I need to commit to the movement already!


I love this! I hope to be “brave” enough to do this!


@Magpie, it’s such a simple thing, but it really is (craft) life changing. Because if you use the good stuff, then I think you can also let the things you don’t love move on to someone else. Your thread of sharing supplies is another facet of this. It’s freeing.


We’re here to help :grin: I think maybe of we post a picture of one piece of the good stuff, then we can commit to doing something with it and have accountability buddies.

@Magpie how has it changed things for you?

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Between the “use it or lose it” and this craftalong, I think that not only will my stash be reduced, but I will be transformed as well…

The “good” stuff does not need to be expensive…it can be something you just love and don’t want to “lose”…I have to remind myself that it is not loved if it is not seen or made into something…

So, here is the first piece I will cut for myself. This is 4 yards of a Robert Kaufman print on Essex linen. I just love the texture so much and the colors printed on this type of fabric are so vivid. It will be a dream to sew. My original idea was to make a sort of duster, loose jacket from it to go with blue linen pants (which I also have the fabric in stash)…what do you think? Other ideas?


I think a duster would be perfect as it would really show the pattern… And you’re absolutely right about the good stuff not needing to be the expensive stuff. The good stuff is beautiful, precious, it speaks to us and it sings to us when we use it.


My fear, especially when making clothing, is that I will make it and not wear it…but, so what if I don’t? It is no worse off being wrapped up in tissue in a box…lol…


And you’ll have the pleasure of working with beautiful fabric-even if it ends up mostly hanging in your wardrobe

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In two different major moves, I wound up getting rid of most of my stash, including “the good stuff” like Victorian jet trims and 35 year old snake pattern sequin fabric.

Now I use it so I don’t lose it. I’ve got another move coming up in a year or so; I’m not stocking up on stuff between now and then.


Linda, that is gorgeous. It will be so fabulous.

@Bunny1kenobi, the first thing on my list is to let go of some precious things that I have loved just looking at but always wanted to be used. Since I know I won’t use them myself, I’ll be “using” this good stuff as gifts! I’d really like to offer you some minis, would you accept them? If you say yes, I hope you’ll use them for something great!

@TheMistressT, I have some good things set aside for you that I’ve been working on for so long, before covid! And your white masterboard, I’m working up the nerve to try my plan.

I am making progress tonight, it still feels cluttered in my working spaces but it’s getting there & I am finding so many treasures!


This is really timely for me. I’m working on accepting where I am in life and in place and the good stuff needs using for both the self-care element as well as the logistical (space, money, etc.). And I agree, the good stuff is subjective and not based on any one unit of measure. I’m “curating” my supplies more ruthlessly than ever before and will definitely be here for the party with my good stuff in hand and cheerleader megaphone for supporting you all. Thanks for putting this up, @Edel!


Thats beautiful!!! I can totally see why its been sitting in stash and needs to come out! A duster would be wonderful or even pants themselves which ever you will wear!

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@Magpie you’re a sweetheart! I’d love to get some miniatures from you! You were a big help when I made my lab! :heart:

Oops, double post

Also: GIVE the good stuff.
When I was making Happy Mail for one of our members, whom I know loves to do small cross stitch projects, I went through two boxes of cross stitch patterns, to pick some to send to her. And then it dawned on me: I did not send her the never used ones, but instead the ones I used and loved the most! It makes more sense, right?
(Given I haven’t done cross stitch in at least five years.)


Yes! That is so right :hugs:


I just know you’ll do something good with this!

Whimsies too or just minis? I have some cool teeny stuff just waiting to be used for nifty projects I know I’m never going to do.


Sure! I love whimsies!

Thank you! That clock is awesome!

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