Use The Good Stuff swap - on hold

Swap on hold.

If you’re anything like me, you have awesome supplies that you sometimes hoard waiting for just the right project…
The perfect time is NOW & the perfect project is this one! Let’s break out our best stuff and craft something truly lovely to send out into the world. It’ll be so much fun, I promise :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
photo credit: Leah Halliday - Flickr

This swap will be for 1 small (2hrs) and 1 medium item (3hrs), or 5 points (5hrs) according to the Size and Time guidelines. Please feel free to ask questions if that seems confusing, it’s pretty easy to explain.
Extras are not required so focus can be spent on excellently crafting & beautifully finishing a truly special treasure, but please feel free to negotiate specifics with your partner.
There will be just over one month of crafting with send out after Valentine’s day, giving us plenty of time to create something marvelous (that works out to about 1 hour of crafting time each week, you can do it!).

Swap name: Use The Good Stuff!
Lettuce Craft member who is organizing this swap: @Magpie
Sign-up date range:
Send out Date:
Limited to a certain number of people? limitless
Restricted to people who all live in the same country? No


Questionnaire SUBJECT LINE: Use The Good Stuff - Sign-Up
Swap: Use The Good Stuff
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If you are in the US, do you agree to send with package tracking and provide to organizer?
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Do you meet all of the participant requirements below? Yes/No
-A forum member for at least 1 month
-Posted at least 15 times
-Completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at the same time
-Are not currently signed up for more than 5 swaps
-Do not have negative feedback
-At least 16 years old

-Do you have any allergies (pets, smoke, smells, etc)?
-Are there any allergens in your home (pets, smoke, smells, etc)?
-Favorite colour(s)?
-Least favorite colour(s)?
-What sort of thing would you like to craft, or what sort of supplies are you hoping to use?
-Are there crafts/items you’d specifically want to receive?
-Anything you would not like to receive?
-Link to your Pinterest or other Online Inspiration:
-Anything else you’d like to add?


1 - @Magpie

This sounds fun, but with such open ended swaps I’m always worried about being able to make stuff people actually want. My “good stuff” probably includes handspun yarn, lots of crystal resin with goodies to suspend, scales that could go on dice bags, nice hardwoods that could be earrings or other small things, tons of quality roving for needle felting 3d stuff or hoops…
Anyone interested in any of those? If so, I’ll sign up.


I think all of those things sound amazing!

This swap originally started on c-ster as motivation to dip into those precious supplies that were being held onto & never used because they were too good, know what I mean? Like, waiting for months & even years for just the right project that never came around. Sometimes it’s easier to make something really special for someone else, you’ve got an excuse to use the good stuff!

If there’s something in your stash that you’ve been holding onto, wanting to use but putting it off, you get to list that in your questionnaire & I’ll make up partner sets that are well matched. The point is for you to really enjoy using great supplies to make something special. Ever since the beautiful & brilliant @Edel said “Always use the good beads, the good fabric and the good yarn. Life is too short to leave it waiting in stash.” I’ve really taken it to heart. She’s right, the best stuff is too good to keep packed away in boxes, it’s meant to be used up & shared! This is an invitation to do just that, so please jump in if that speaks to you. It’s always a good time & the gallery is sure to be a joy :sparkling_heart:


@Magpie I’m so happy to see this swap again. I’m always reluctant to sign up to swaps, given the economy, international mailing is so expensive. But if anyone wants to swaps with me, I’ll sign up x

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I will always, always swap with you! I try not to hoard you to myself every time but if there isn’t another swapper able to send to you, I am secretly (not so secretly) delighted it gets to be me!
This week my daughter gave me back a pouch I made for her years ago that’s lined with fabric you rainbow dyed & printed with bees that have gold butts! Everything you make is just the best!

I’ve gotten pretty good at making flat stuff for international shipping too. There’s always a way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m putting this on hold for a bit, the timing isn’t working out for interested parties & my work schedule just went BOOM!