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The box Myrthena put together for me arrived today, and it is incredible! She basically packed a spa weekend. Here’s how:

This is a lovely tote bag, both its size and the length of the strap are perfect for me. It would be big enough to hold a towel, a big book, a water bottle and a few snacks. On the bag you can see a matching keyfob, fabric statement necklace and bracelet. Awesome, right? But not all.

We also have all of this:

This has three candles, two little soaps and bath bombs each, a spelt cushion to be heated — all great for a spa day! A cute little notebook (which had a little accident in the box but the inside is still perfect), an upcycled bottle planter (complete with dirt and flower seeds), scented sachets (the Purple Heart & the teabag!), her note (the flowery card & envelope), and snacks. There is tea from edible flowers, a very yummy chocolate mix with edible flowers too, and rose cookies! All made by Myrthena. The little jar of violet candy is purchased, but a family thing. I feel so, so spoiled! And pampered.

Here is my favorite page in the little notebook, complete with the pansy ATC that was hidden there:

Had to unwrap one of the soaps


I don’t know if I’ll be able to share the cookies. I may just have to eat them all by myself tonight.

Thank you so much Myrthena, I feel incredibly spoilt! And even though our packages are wildly different (major swap anxiety setting in!) I absolutely love the fact that we managed to make very similar items for each other. Can’t wait for you to receive! Just need to send my box out first.


So much good stuffs! The design on the bag is very pretty, is it printed on the fabric? Paint? Bleach? I like it!

Mine is ready to ship! Tomorrow at lunch, I’m excited to send it off :slight_smile:


Me too! Actually I’m not quite sure myself. It is rather more silvery than white, so maybe not bleach. I thought it was painted. Because the other side has a different pattern, so I get both swirls and leaves (which I both love)


I also love the design on the bag…interested to know how it was done…looks like art that I like a lot!

Yes, a lot of good spa goodies…especially the sweet treats…but those soaps…they look lovely and I bet they smell good…never can have enough handmade soap…


very awesome package!!

i would not share the cookies,or the candy, but i’m greedy like that!!


I’ve received! @roler sent me a lovely package that got here super quick, probably because I’m just down the 5. :wink:

This notebook has graph paper and the most beautiful covering fabric. I will use it immediately!

This super cute crochet potted plant has a new home by my computer. It is perfect because this is the only type of plant I can care for. :joy:

And these are adorable bunny earrings. I love their floppy ears!

Thank you! I really hope you like your package as much as I do. :purple_heart:


Oh, I love that flowering plant! How utterly adorable is that?
My co-worker cried when I gave her a crocheted Xmas ornament, I should make her a plant!


This is really cool, very generous and I love how it’s all themed! It’s a whole package of self care! :slight_smile:


Do I like my package as much as you do??? I could hardly like it more!!! I feel SO spoiled!! (and I’m so sorry the bunny earrings turned out so wonky!)

Y’all, this package is AMAZING.

First I pulled out these adorable beaded accessories for my plushies Katsuyuki Moray and Kimutako! Here they are modeling, and Kimutako is staking his claim on the cute little wooden box they came in:

And then here’s a place to keep my OWN accessories:

It’s a wonderful earring rack with medieval bestiary pictures!! Eeep!

And then, as if those weren’t enough, look at this work of art!

A beeeeautiful portrait of Katsuyuki and Kimutako in felt, and the hoop even looks like an amazing porthole!!

When we were messaging back and forth at the beginning of the swap, I threw out a few things I like, but didn’t expect my partner to incorporate ALL of them!! I love everything SO much! Thank you so much, @saintcady!


Holee macaroni, that is an amazing swap package full of such unique and unexpected personalized items! The hoop, whoa, incrediballs!

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Yay! Glad you’re happy. :blush:

I’ve never done a felted wall hanging in a hoop before so when I was done I thought it looked a little like a porthole and then I couldn’t shake the idea of the frame. :anchor::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Myrthena That package you made is beautiful. I can only imagine how lovely it smells!!!

@roler What an awesome notebook cover! I also adore amigurumi and yours is simply adorable.

@saintcady What a cool idea to put the patterns on the earring rack you made and that little porthole needle felting is to die for! I love how you made a scene to include her little plushies. So sweet and kind!


I love notebooks…the cover is really nice! And, a cute crochet plant would be welcomed by anyone with a bad reputation for killing real ones (me, included!)…love the smiling face on the pot!

I have to say that the wooden earring holder is fabulous and functional!

Did you make the frame for the felted piece? It is such a fantastic detail!

You guys sure had some neat stuff you are using up…


it is painted but with special paint pencil not with a brush. They give a little bit of depth (3d paint pencils)
I do like the paint pencils more than brushes. The colors blend when you use waterpaint pencils


The molecule notebook is awesome! and cute earrings


The earring rack is great.
Are the drawings burned into it ?


Yep. The whole thing was made on a laser cutter. So first the pictures were rastered on at low power, then everything cut out at higher power. Then just some sanding, assembly, and sealing. :blush:


I received a wonderful package from @AcadianDriftwood yesterday! Rosalie made me the cutest t-shirt from a recycled shirt or two and it glows in the dark! Plus a hot pad and cat toys for our kitties! I love it all. Thank you!

I love Doctor Who and always need more tshirts. I can’t wait to wear this one.


Action shots with the cat toys!