Use What You Have - Round 2 Swap Gallery

Oh! What a great package! That mushroom piece is adorable and those fingerless gloves look amazing and so soft and squishy and warm! The tonal yarn you used is beautiful.

So many more awesome goodies, wow! I think I must have missed a few before, scrolling on my phone.

@Magpie there are no progress pictures of the pocket belt, I’m very sorry. I often forget to take pictures while I work. But maybe I could make another one — I just need to find another recipient. It is pretty straightforward, too. (Or at least the version I made is. You can of course add closures, zipper pockets, make deeper pockets, add ties to lace the components to your preferred size, have buckles and rings, line all the things…)
What I did this time was make a pattern, label it, and hold on to it. This was the third (or maybe even fourth) pocket belt and every time I had to start from scratch…


Whatever spontaneous magic you worked, it turned out awesome!