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Truth! Imwe is very food motivated.


Oh perfect! That was kind of my hope – that you could take it on walks with him. :blush:

And he’s such a well-mannered gentleman when he’s hoping for a treat, too! :heart::heart:


My package from @Chr1stchan arrived today! My dog about lost his mind trying to smell all the smells on the box. haha So I guess you can consider that a hello to Imwe!

I just love package day! It’s so fun to see where people’s creativity took them. Chr1stchan put together a delightful box. First, I found a little tin with a lavender-mint tea blend from herbs that she grew in her garden! I think that is flat out awesome. Look how well the herbs have kept their color. I’m looking forward to trying this!

Next was a little personal brownie-in-a-mug mix (I’m seeing my own private little snack time with the tea and brownie. Mmm.) and a shiny gold hand-sewn booklet.

I don’t know why I took a picture of those two together, funny. Because I think the booklet will be a great place to keep track of…

…the future inhabitants of this adorable little birdhouse! With a tasty birdseed mix to encourage them to come.

I love the colors and the delicate look of the flowers! I am also super glad that she sealed the heck out of it so that it will stand up to my wet weather.

And THEN! Check this out, guys! Look at this beautiful paper cut of the princess and the frog. J’adore! :heart_eyes:

I already have it hanging up on my sewing room wall!

Thank you so much, Chr1stchan! I love it all!


Wow! Awesome package @Chr1stchan! In fact, just something to note… it would be really lovely if some of that tea found its way into your MIL’s Christmas stocking! :wink:

The notebook is so pretty and so is the bird house! And that paper cut art is extraordinary!!! Wow! :heart:


Yay!!! i’m so glad you liked it!!! @grenouille78 (and glad the birdhouse made it in one piece :triumph: )This was a fun swap!!


Your packaging-fu was strong! :rofl: And I do like it all so much! Thank you!

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What an amazing package!

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Beautiful paper cutting!

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I got my package from @calluna! She made me a lovely and thoughtful package!

First, swoon worthy vintage wooden spools! I collect them, so these make me happy! Wrapped around the largest one is amazing Washi tape! It’s made from a topographical map of Canyonlands National Park! So cool!

She sent some awesome steampunk doo-dads! My fave is the little flower. So sweet!

She wrote me a note on the back of this cool card, and made this lovely embellishment.

A picture of my beloved goat, Gozer the Goatzarian! I miss him! He’s wearing a collar and leash because he did wear a collar and loved to go on walks through the neighborhood! This is so awesome and will be going on my office wall posthaste!


Check out the miniature rug she embroidered for me! It’s exceptional and mind blowing!!


It will be a cherished feature in my future dollhouse!

And last but definitely not least, a brag book, ready to be filled with grand baby pics!! :heart::heart:

I love this package! So much care and thought clearly were brought to bear and I love it!!! Thank you so much!


What a great package! That little rug! :exploding_head: And I love the goat portrait.

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What a lovely package! I love that brag book and the rug is amazing.

I received from @momiemae!

First, there was this neat Harry Potter card.

She sent a beautiful shadow box of Rapunzel!

And, packaged in these cute little bags, were all kinds of clothes for my doll. The sweater dress is adorable!

She also knitted me this beautiful aqua washcloth.

And included this cute zipper pouch (I can never have too many of these) - it’s funny because it’s true. :joy:

Thank you for a wonderful swap!


Two more great packages! That miniature rug is soooo cute and those doll clothes are amazing.