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Original swap thread:

Share your goodies here!

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I received from @Abbeeroad ! She sent the most amazing package. I took the photos outside since our house doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

The “medium” she sent was this amazing pillow. I really like black and white with pops of color, so she created this pillow cover for me! Our living room is decorated with pops of orange, so it’s perfect!

Here’s a detail of the stitching!

This one was photographed in its new home which is the front of our fridge! Mother of Monsters Badge. It’s so amazing!!!

Her note was on the back of the most amazing abstract art piece. The texture is absolutely astounding. I’m definitely going to frame it! She put the gifts in this burlap bag tied with this amazing Kwality label on top of a scrappy background.

And…the last thing is this super cool woven neckwear piece. She dyed the yarn herself! It’s a gorgeous shade of orange and will be great for the fall!


I really like that pillow.

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Yay! Oh the art piece I used as a card was not made by me. I’m actually not sure where that originated from. :thinking: But I’m glad you like it!

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Wow, you got so spoiled. I adore the scatter stitch on that pillow. It is a lovely compliment to the printed fabric. @Abbeeroad makes the most fabulous merit badges and yours is no exception. And that necklace! It never would have occurred to me to WEAVE jewelry. I love it!


I would never think of it either! But I’m glad someone did! Here’s the tute I used. I’m working on one for myself!


Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I was wondering how you did it! It’s such a cool idea.

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Wow! Amazing package! Love the pillow! And mother of monsters is perfect!

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Such a unique statement piece necklace! Thanks for the tutorial…a great way to break into a bit of weaving!

That pillow is stunning…

So many colors and textures on everything! Very cool. I’m especially drawn to the stitching on the center panel of the pillow. The little monster is funny!

That pillow is just lovely! Great start to the gallery!

I received today from the super amazing @Kwality570!!

She sent 2(!!) amigurumis for my daughters: a pink rabbit for my pink loving girl and a zebra for my animal loving lady.

I had to sneak these away from them to get a pic. :wink:

Then she sent me this awesome woven bracelet. I love it!!! And it’s a perfect fit!

Appealing to my scrappy side she crocheted me an amazing scrappy bucket.

You can see the button side of the cuff in that pic too. So cool.

And extra fun sticker making stuff!

Thank you kwality! You made our whole fam happy!! :smile:


What a great swap package! Those ami’s are adorable @Kwality570 :blush:

The cuff and the bucket are so colorful! And the animal friends are adorable. Great job, kwality!

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Super cute amis! I like the colors of the bucket and the cuff is so cool!

My package from @Bunny1kenobi is here!

Along with a lovely card there are stamped address labels, magnets (including a magnetic notepad), and an Altoids tin…!?! Yeah, my heart started racing. What’s inside? Stay tuned…

But first, these address labels are brilliant (separate photo to make it harder to read my address):

I never buy address labels; I kept receiving them unsolicited from organizations wanting me to donate, but I think I’ve succeeded in getting off of everyone’s mailing lists so I haven’t had any in a long time. Now i’m set for the next year at least! Depends on how much swapping I do. :grin:

And I’d said in my questionnaire that I like finishes that play with light, like sparkly or shiny, so she made me glittery magnets, as magnets were on my wishlist as well. :+1:

Okay, all of that is fantastic and I don’t want to diminish that, but ALSO….Mini bookcase in a tin!!!

I gasped aloud. It’s so cool. Those are actual tiny bound books glued in there, not blocks wrapped in paper. And what’s in that box?

A safe deposit box! There’s tiny money and jewelry! I had assumed the ring was a ready-made item, but on closer inspection and better lighting I find that it is s gold jump-ring with a jewel affixed at the join! :heart_eyes: Too tiny for my phone camera to focus in on it (you know its good when it’s that tiny)

Ahhh, the swooning is strong. Thank you so much!


I’m so glad you like your package @calluna!! I had a lot of fun crafting for you!!

@Bunny1kenobi That package is great! What a great idea to make address labels. Handy and pretty!

That little miniature bookshelf is fabulous! Your miniature skills amaze me!!!


Aww, thanks @Kwality570! Your monster skills amaze ME, so I guess that makes us even… :wink:

What a sweet package! That mini library is so perfect for calluna! That ring is impossibly small. Wow!