V9357 dress - opinions needed

Last summer I found this beautiful bike fabric

Being a true bike addict I simply had to buy it. And I knew exactly what I wanted to sew:

I also found a matching pink and white fabric and started sketching.

Please tell me which option you like best.
I really don’t know which one to make.
Other ideas are welcome, too.


I really like the second option.

View D though I prefer it with the cap sleeves.
Cute fabric!

I like option 1 or 2! That’s dress is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it “in real life”

I like Options 1 or 3 the best. I think having some continuity between color blocked shapes going from front to back would be nice when the final dress is viewed on you from the side, but any of them will be lovely. Can’t wait to see the final dress!


1/2!! What a fun project. Can’t wait to see it finished!

That’s exactly what I thought when I sketched view 1 and 4.

I like four most. I’m not sure we’re being very helpful here. :grin:

The cap sleeve option is really cute but I have broad shoulders and I’m afraid they might look awful.

With a pattern like that I definitely need a muslin, so I could try both options.

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I should have put up a poll.
And then let it sit for a week and sew whatever got the most likes.


Good point! I voted 1. :slight_smile:

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I did it!
I turned my post into a poll :grinning:


Voted! :smiley:

I voted! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!!

I voted, but for the wrong one and I can’t undo my vote :woman_facepalming:

I like 2 or 3 best!

Edit: Just saw I could vote! So, I also voted!

I like 1 the best, but 4 would be most slimming, with those dark panels at the waist, and I like the skirt from 5.

I guess I’d do the skirt from 5 with bodice 4.

I like the 2nd one.

I like option 2

Thanks everyone!
I love this community and the support you get here.

@steiconi I sketched your idea:

Would you still use the pinkish waistband?

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