Valentine Card Swap 2023 - Gallery

Post 'em when you’ve got 'em!

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I got two of my Valentines and already! I get to start off the gallery in a spectacular way.

First off we have an adorable monster Valentine from @Kwality570 . She set along a super cute fridge magnet as well. I love the design of this, her Monsters make me so happy.

Next up is a beautiful card from ever talented @curiousfae . I Love Her Style and her watercolor talent is extraordinary. She also sent a long an awesome origami heart. I can’t do any origami so this is especially cool to me.

I also had to show off the adorable stamps she sent it with.


I received some amazing valentines today as well!!!

From @curiousfae this watercolor masterpiece that came with this cute origami heart with a note in it!

From @pioneer9 this sloth of goodness

From @Whistlefish this awesome watercolor and stamped beauty

Thank you to all of you! What a great mail day!!!


I forgot to to tell you that each of those words are LOVE in a different language! SMH.
Now to remember which languages… lol

Glad you like it!

That guy is adorable! And the flowers are beautiful. Both are beautifully painted.

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Oh my gosh I adore all of these! Can’t wait to get home tomorrow and see what goodies my mailbox might hold!

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I got three cards today!

From @Whistlefish

From @pioneer9

From @Kwality570

Each totally different and amazingly beautiful!

Thank you. :heart:


Open the origami hearts! They are a note from me,

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Liebe is German.

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I had two waiting for me yesterday!

A magnificent Kwality monster and magnet from @Kwality570

And a mooooovingly cute cow from @pioneer9

They’re just so adorable! Thank you!


Oh my gosh, what a great start to the gallery!

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Here are the cards I have received!

From @Smmarrt
Smmarrt and I kinda went for the same idea!
Love the scrappy heart!

From @curiousfae this lovely watercolor/ doodle. I had trouble refolding the heart note!

And adorable monster card from @Kwality570
I’m going to call her Thelma.

From @Whistlefish this pretty watercolor. The LOVE really stands out

And from @gozer a super cute kitty! He looks like he is up to no good.


And from @chameleonhound !
An adorable mouse in a cup. I could go for one of those cookies. Looks yummy.


@curiousfae the colors you chose for your backgrounds are superb!

I love the scrappy technique too!

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Is that a jammy dodger? So cute!

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Wow! Those are adorable! I love this swap so much. Seeing the different cards roll in is amazing.

I got two in the mail today:
This adorable kitty from @gozer

From @irid3sc3nt this cute kitty collage


That was my first thought!


I have received two cards so far!

The first is from @Whistlefish

And the second is from @chameleonhound

Oo, this one is supposed to be horizontal…

How funny that both are watercolors! Very sweet cards for February :cupid:
Thank you!!


Received all 5 of my cards in a span of two days :slight_smile:

First, on Friday I received this awesome inspirational card from @curiousfae

On Saturday, my excess of fun mail included this lovely vintage-y valentine from @irid3sc3nt

A cool scrappy card (plus bonus hearts) from @geekgirl

An adorable cat from @gozer

And some lovely flowers from @Whistlefish!

Thank you all!


From @gozer

This kitty is so fun! I love his tiny little paws.


Thanks! I used Karin watercolor pens in neon and they are so bright and lush. I’m obsessed. They seem to be really juicy which is great because some of the watercolor pens I’ve used don’t flow well.

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