Valentine "Coupon" Matchbook

When I spotted the matchbook on the pack of cards in the pack of paper I made this Boxer Shorts Gift Bag with, I felt like it needed to be put to use! Then I remembered I have a matchbook die. WOO!

What to put in it? Coupons for favors! And what do you know, there’s a “valentine coupon”
image, too! And coupon/ticket printed cardstock to boot.

What could I put on the coupons? Well, I decided to take on a “chore” that he doesn’t like which is grating. He loves to cook and makes pretty much 100% of our dinners, but he’s not a fan of grating at all.

There are 4 coupons in there and I did a “kiss cut” so that I could tear them out once redeemed.

The thing is, I grate when he asks me anyway, but this is just a fun little thing to include with his gift. Here they are together.



Such a cute gift! Love the matches/matchbook especially.

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Thank you! I have a few gift projects coming up in the next week or so to put into the boxer gift bag. Eep!

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Super cute! I think Valentine’s Day should really be about celebrating the little, everyday ways we show love anyway, rather than once-a-year grand gestures, and your coupons do exactly that!!


This is how I feel about it, too. In general, grand gestures make me “suspicious.” Little things that show you’re paying attention and know the person are what feel like love and/or romance to me.


The paper worked out perfectly for the coupon book!

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Clearly, a Valentine coupon matchbook was (literally) in the cards. I love how all the pieces fell into place from the ‘perfect match’ design, right down to you just happening to have a matchbook die! This came out great and I love the thoughtfulness of the included coupons!


Thanks, pals!

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Oh they do go so perfectly together!

As soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew it was you! :grin:. So perfect, so professional, so made for each other!

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Awww, you’re the best!