Boxer Shorts Gift Bag

I have made TheMisterT dozens of boxer shorts, so when I saw this new svg for sale I knew I had to get it and make it for his Valentine’s Day gifties.

It has fun/funny details like the fly and that center piece in the seat. The ones I made don’t have that piece, but they are classic boxer detail.

A suggested embellishment is a little button on the fly. Again, I don’t include those on on the ones I make, but I had this tiny heart button! I also added thread through the holes on mine.


Two other additions I made are adding machine stitching around all the panel pieces and corrugating the waistband panels.


All the panels have inked edges. The dimensions are approx. 10.5"W x 8.5"H x 3.5"D / 26.7cm x 21.5cm x 9cm.

I’m excited to finish his gifts to I can fill this up and put it on display!

I have no association with SVGCuts other than as a customer, but wanted to share the link for those who might be interested.


As soon as I saw patterned boxers (even in paper!), I knew it had to be yours. This is the perfect take on your tradition!


Teehee! This doesn’t surprise me one bit! Underpants are my brand! :rofl:


I had the same thought as @wittychild :joy:


Haha! I guess one has to be known for something! :upside_down_face:


Haha! Very fun boxer shorts card. He’s bound to love it; perfect card for you to give to him.

The corrugation! Ha! Love it.

Thanks, pals!

HIlarious and perfect since you make him boxers. Also, the detail stitching is so clean! I’d be terrified I would mess that up!

This is flippin’ hilarious! The details are perfect my friend.

Awww, thanks, friends!

@gozer If you want to look close enough the stitches are not at all perfect. Each side is not equal distance from the edges, the machine doesn’t like to tension for paper, so the bobbin thread sometimes shows on the top, etc. But anyone looking close enough at someone else’s boxer shorts to notice should keep that to themselves! :rofl:

@MistressJennie Thanks! It was fun to go a little extra on the details for this.


Omg, dying! This is great!

This is fantastic! I love that you’ve found another way to gift him undies.

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This is too funny, lol! I love the little heart detail on the fly.

Thanks, everyone!

@tendstowardschaos It’s almost a shame that I don’t plan on making any to put in there!


Ah haha! I love it!! The stitched edges and little button heart - :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Thank you!

What a fun and funny gift bag! I love your attention to details - that corrugated band is great and the stitching is the perfect finishing element!

Aw, thanks!

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LMBO, unique!

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