Vanlife dreams collage

I attended another library studio program. The theme today was collage, and I made this.

The whole background was made with prepared papers from previous programs, except for the snowy ground, which was made from scrapbook paper. The van and sign were made from map papers from an out-of-circulation Atlas. I wrote the quote and sign with extra-fine tip Sharpie.

Finally, I added a bit of watercolour pencil to even out the top of the background, which had some white parts showing.

Thanks for looking!


Fun collage! I like the use of the map as the van, and your background papers are very pretty. The Tolkien quote is a favorite.


I love your map camper van!


Ooo! That background collage is gorgeous. So much color and texture.


This is neat. Love all the textures, and your van came out really good. It looks like it’s been travelled in - in the best way.
Funny story, my ex-husband and his new wife do the van life thing and travel everywhere. We still get along great and meet up occasionally (his new wife is amazing), but whenever people ask about him or how he is doing, I always say, “He lives in a van now”, no other explanation. Then when they make the joke, “Down by the river”, I counter with, “Mainly Walmart parking lots.” We laugh about that all the time.


Very cool, it gives me fun adventure vibes.
I like the maps on the van and sign.