Victorian Inspired 1:12 Scale Bird Flight Cage

I made this for @Bunny1kenobi in the recent whimsy swap. I have wanted to make a dollhouse sized bird cage for some time now and this was just the push I needed to get it done.

First, the supplies (the only things I didn’t end up using were the round beads).

I didn’t photograph the next step, but I stained all the wood pieces before assembling them. You can tell by my stained fingers.

The frames of the four sides are complete:

I straightened wire from a spool then cut it to size. I glued each piece using drops of a precision-tipped metal glue. I used tweezers to fine-tune their positions.

The fourth side was a little different to accommodate the door.

Sides all assembled now working on the seed tray. That is the partially-finished top in the foreground with the little swing lying just above it.

Legs added and work on top is progressing:

I found some plastic packaging that was the perfect shape for seed and water dishes. I filled them with mod podge and some gardening material I had laying around. lol. The mod podge dried clear.

Fitting the top with a swing attached:

A dangling mirror is added. (Notice the mod podge is now clear):

At this point it was finished, but… I had pictured birds in it from the beginning… So I mailed a day late and made some fimo budgies that I epoxied down so they would not go anywhere.


I added some mini papers. You can read the words, “The Oregonian” and “Biden”.

I signed the bottom. of the tray:

Finished pictures:

This one has a mirror and his friend is eating:


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The level of details on this is incredible. Wonderful job :smiley:


This is mind blowing!!! Those budgies! So adorable! I love all the little details! So much craftsmanship went into this. I’m blown away and just so thrilled to have this!! Thank you @artsycandice!


That is soooo cute!
I wish I didn’t have such a destructive little boy and destructive cats… because I would love to have open miniature rooms out on display!!


I love everything about this. Everything I tell ya! It is amazing!


Those tiny budgies are killing me! And then I started scrolling. Wow, very impressive process pictures!


This is amazing!


Unbelievable. That’s just… wow. I ran out of words.


This is exquisite! I know you make awesome ceramic pieces but you need to make more miniatures :slight_smile: Love, love, love the tiny budgies…so glad you added them.


I admire you and all the hard work and tiny details you put into this piece. This is amazing!


Okay. I’ll get right on that. :laughing::blush:

Seriously though, thank you everyone for the kind words. I learned a lot and am looking forward to tackling something like this again with an adjusted approach. Maybe I should do finches next time. :laughing: Who am I kidding. I could barely hang onto these guys with players to attach. lol


Well, you do need to make a second one for your doll house :wink:


There is truth in that. My sister couldn’t believe I was sending it to someone else. I had budgies growing up, it’s my thing. I explained to her that it kind of felt like the paradox of the time-machine. You can’t go back and alter the event that directly motivated you to build the time machine. As long as I’ve had this concept in my head, it took this swap and someone else’s themes to inspire me to actually make it. This clearly was meant for someone else. I’ll do mine later. lol


I can’t wait to see yours, @artsycandice!! It will be even more amazing now that you’ve had a trial run! :wink:

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And we’re gonna hold you to this :smiley:

Seriously though, that’s one of the things I love about this community and swapping.
The generosity of being willing to send off something that is fabulous, knowing that is will be well-loved and appreciated…and of course, being inspired to create by other like-minded individuals :slight_smile:


Yes, all of this. I drift in and out of participation here because, brain stuff :crazy_face:, but it is always such a welcoming space to come back to. I love, love, love sharing art with others. It’s such a personal connection for me. I love seeing what others are making. I love that people are compelled or inspired to create anything at all, whatever their skill level. I appreciate all of it. :blush:


This is wonderful! So inspiring!


This is insane! So beautifully done!


Holy moly!! This really is amazing! I love all the attention to details - the opening door, the sliding tray, the mini newspapers. The whole thing is very well done - and then the birds at the end? Perfect finishing touch!