Viking Adventure Baby Quilt

My cousin and his girlfriend are having a baby boy. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to visit them, but I wanted to make them something I can send now.

I also got to use this as my first quilt quilted with my new walking foot. There are a few imperfections, but I’m sure the little guy won’t mind.

When I saw this adorable Viking Adventure fabric, I knew I had to use it. The light blue has little Viking warriors, and the navy blue features dragons, longboats, shields, helmets, wolves, ravens, runes, and pictograms.


Gah! :two_hearts: So cute and Nordic and stabby and precious! I’m sure it will be cherished. :rofl:

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That fabric is too cute! The quilt turned out great!!

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Simple design with featured fabrics is always a good look!

Your walking foot looks like it helped you do a wonderful job with the quilting as well!

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I love the prints you chose! What a personalized and special little quilt!

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So perfectly coordinated and executed! Great job!

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Love this quilt!! And I may just have to get that fabric. We just heard a friend is expecting a baby in autumn and the parents are really into viking metal music.

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Hey are some of those warriors women? :heart_eyes:


I love this fabric for a baby quilt! So fun and yay walking foot!

@thanate - good eye! I didn’t even notice. That definitely ups the awesome!!


Such a wonderful viking quilt!
A great gift.

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That fabric is so great! What a sweet quilt.

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