Wash Your Damn Hands cross stitch

Spent a good chunk of yesterday and today finishing this cross stitch that has been half done since about June…?

It’ll hang in out downstairs bathroom, from the octopus wall decoration (key hook) once I find some blue ribbon. There’s a few mistakes from miscounting, but it still looks good.

The pattern was purchased from this etsy shop.

Yay for snarky art.


Turned out great…and I think I would listen to the message with the octopus standing over… :slight_smile:

Looks like a “traditional” needlework piece but with a very modern message!


I love this! And it’s especially fun paired with that critter with EIGHT “hands”!



I was thinking you finished it just in time, like it’ll be useless once we’re all vaccinated.

Then I remembered that you’re supposed to wash your hands ALL the time, not just when there’s a pandemic.

Sigh, I’m ridiculously used to being stuck at home, it’s hard to imagine the end of Covid.


I love snark and I especially love snark when paired with an innocuous style. This is awesome!

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Best ever!

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