Weaving the Future - A Mini Quilt Collage

Or church has several member art shows a year. This spring the theme was Earth Day. I had this running around in my head for a while and it was begging to get out.

Scrap fabric, embroidery thread, batting scraps, beads, found objects, repurposed objects, a little paint, glue, starch, and lots of machine stitching.

A woman is gathering in the trash and weaving it, transforming it, into a brighter future.


This is seriously amazing. So beautiful, so much story in the one image. Using the 3 dimensional items to be the trash was inspired and raises the visuals to the next level. I really don’t have the words right now to do it justice but I also couldn’t leave with just “hearting” it.

Someone will be so lucky to showcase this in their home. I hope it is hung on a bright wall with a dedicated light focused on it to frame it and draw every eye that passes.


Love the multimedia-ness of it! Fantastic piece!

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This is just so dang good. Ack!

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This is awesome!

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This is fabulous! I love art quilts and this one is extra impressive!

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I love your fabric “paintings” and this one is no exception. Truly beautiful both in concept and creation. Lots of love for this!

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Wow!! This is stunning!

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It’s beautiful! The imagery you’ve crafted is so hopeful.

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Wow. Absolutely stunning and incredible! This is a true work of art!

:mountain: :thread: :sun_with_face: Congratulations! Your Weaving the Future Mini Quilt Collage is a Featured Project this week! :sun_with_face: :thread: :mountain:

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My goodness, this is spectacular! What a marvel to examine, wish I could see it up close to look over all the detail. Wow!


Thank you everyone.

Wow! So gorgeous and powerful! I love the texture!