Wedding Card

My husband’s cousin is getting married next weekend (the one I made the Ohio State quilt for) and we’ve mostly decided that the health risk is too much to attend (he’s still undecided, but the kids and I will not attend.) When they decided to go ahead with their wedding, the virus was less than it is now.

Anyway, this morning I got out my Big Shot embossing machine and made this wedding card. (The black part is just loose cardstock for photography.)

Unfortunately, it is really hard to photograph the embossing, so it is a bride and groom in a black embossed frame that I cut out the center and glued the newlyweds to. The bottom says Mr. & Mrs.

I will most likely mail the gift and card to his cousin’s parents as I don’t have his cousin’s address.


Very pretty!

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I agree, very pretty and super classy!

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