Ohio State "Craftsman Pattern" quilt

My husband’s cousin recently became engaged. He’s a graduate and huge fan of Ohio State University (as many Ohioans are). I am not an Ohio State fan nor am I an Ohioan (regardless of if that is what my driver’s license tells me) but I digress. I like to joke that I was lucky my sewing machine didn’t break down. Ha!

I was inspired by @Edel’s Green Quilt , which follows the “Craftsman Pattern” by Amy Smart. I found it on Etsy.

It is made to use fat quarters, but I bought the novelty fabric (well, all the fabrics) in yardage. I did the math as best I could. Luckily I have extra (even Ohio State, ugh) of all colors. I accidentally cut the OSU fabric the opposite direction of the pattern, so the length and width I made are run the opposite way, but oh well.

My clothesline brings the quilt too close to the ground to see it all in one shot. It’s about 86" by 72" or close to that.

I was really excited by the football quilting pattern my LQS had.

I didn’t want to buy more fabric, so I decided to alternate red, black, and gray for the binding. It looks cool!

I machine sewed the front and hand-bound the back.

The wedding is supposed to be in August. Let’s see what our dear “friend” coronavirus says about that. In the meantime, I will store it in a safe place as far rom germs as possible.

searching for that place but before I do that, I must put a label on the back. Time to do @AIMR’s suggestion and print out something Michigan for my label. I’ll add a pic when I do! Haha!

Thanks for looking.


Great job!!

Happy your machine didn’t break down :smiley:


There are so many wonderful things about this finished quilt that I love!

It was a joy watching your progress pics as well.

The color scheme is a tried and true good one, and the pattern is wonderful no matter how it is worked! I really love it when people get creative with the binding…using all the fabrics is wonderful!

Your LQS did a wonderful job quilting in theme…

ha ha ha Adding a bit of humor makes this extra personal and special…your gift is going to be a hit!


I know you weren’t happy about the feature fabric, but it looks really good! (And your machine lived to tell the tale.)


This is really spectacular! I know they will love it. I so love the pattern, and also the quilted football stitching.


I love it! American football is a closed book to me, but even if be happy to have this on my bed. you did a fabulous job of it.


Wonderfully done! This will make such a lovely wedding gift, what a kind cousin you are.


I’m amazed! It looks perfect! Great job!

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Oh, the work. Quilts are handmade love that gives for a lifetime.


My husband’s cousin is a fervent Buckeye and decorated her family room in red and gray.
She would LOVE that quilt!
Great job!


Awesome job! The quilting really makes it.

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Great googaly moogaly! I’m not an Ohio fan either but I have to appreciate the beauty in this! I keep looking at it over and over again.
I wonder if you could put it in a vacuum sealed bag to keep the germ-ies away? Or would that wrinkle it?


@bethntim That’s kinda what I was thinking, too! And, thank you.

@MistressJennie Thanks, it really does. :slight_smile:

@steiconi Thanks so much!

@JoyfulClover Yes, so much so! Thanks.

@LadybugsAndBees Thank you!

@Magpie Thank you! I thought he’d appreciate this more than a “traditional” wedding style quilt.

@Edel Yeah, I am not a fan of American football either --especially Ohio State-- but it is really pretty. This is a fun pattern with so many options. I am glad you posted your quilt because it really inspired me!

@endymion Yeah, that quilted football is fun! She also had a Buckeye pattern, but it wouldn’t have given the same vibe for this quilt.

@wittychild Yes, it did, phew! haha!

@aimr As you know, I’m also not a “red” person, but I do appreciate how pretty this is, Red and Ohio State and all. Ha

@Cindy Haha, me too! :slight_smile: Thanks.


Wow! That is really impressive!


Lovely and the binding is wonderful - love that you made it patterned. No way anyone would know the pattern was meant to be turned the other way. This way looks intentional and beautiful.

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Congrats! You are one of this week’s featured projects! Way to go!


Thank you!

What an amazing quilt! Great work!! So beautiful. :orange_heart:

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It turned out great!! Love the alternating binding!

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@audity Thank you! I really like it too! So much fun!

@wendiek @kittykill Thanks so much!

@Averia Thank you! I think the binding is fun too! I should do that more often!

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