Wedding guest fascinator

I made this fascinator for the family wedding we were to attend near Glasgow next week, but unfortunately COVID hit yesterday and we can’t go anywhere. :sob::sob::sob:

The motif is from the big, poofy-sleeved taffeta 80s dress that I frankensteined and I glued it onto some thin black felt with basting spray to give it some stability. I then cut two more backing pieces from a thicker black felt and glued the motif-and-thin-felt onto one.

I wanted to attach it to a headband, but I didn’t want to make it permanent. I tried a few different placements on my head (attaching with bobby pins) to work out how I wanted it to sit and marked the top and bottom points. I then cut two slits, headband width apart, at these points for some elastic, which I threaded through and sewed on. Then I glued the two layers together.


It’s really pretty and clever choice for the head band attachment. I’m sorry you can’t go to the wedding!

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This is beautiful! Hope you are able to wear it to another fancy event, or heck to the grocery store! :sweat_smile:


Very pretty! Looks great on you.

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Very pretty. Now you have time to add sequins and beads…

Is there a matching dress?

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It’s really lovely! And your method to temporarily attach it is so nicely finished! I’m sorry you’ll not get to wear it to the wedding.

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This is the skirt of the dress I was going to wear with the motif on top before I started.


So pretty! I love your headband solution- very clever