Wee Faux Snow Globe (Snaux Glauxb?)

I used a Tim Holtz snow globe blank and 1:24 (I think?) scale railroad minis to make a little faux snow globe.


I used an acrylic “stain” in pickling white on the wood base and Sno-Tex for the interior snow.

The little snowball warrior and the “fort wall” are the premade minis. I added the snowball to that kiddo’s hand and some snow to the hat and coat.

There are two kinds of white-ish loose glitter inside so it can kind of snow when shaken. More like when ALL the snow in the branches falls out of a tree all at once, but…

This is a gift for a friend who collects real snowglobes and who has become obsessed with minis.


How fun is this? What a lovely gift!

Gah… the adorable tiny-ness of it all!

So cute! What a perfect idea for your friend.

I love this!! If I was the featured project of the week chooser, this would be chosen and I would say something along the lines of, “Your amazing project is part of this week’s featured projects! Keep being great because you’re clearly killing it!”


This is too cute! I wonder if you could coat the inside with glue and then lightly sprinkle glitter inside to keep the snow looking like it’s flying at all times?

I used to collect music boxes. I had several that were snow globes. I had to leave them behind when I moved from Fairbanks,AK back to WA. My parents put my collection out in their unheated storage shed, and all of them were destroyed from the -50°F or colder temps in many winters they were out there. Even the regular music boxes couldn’t handle that cold. Sometimes I think of starting to collect them again. But then I also have a ragdoll named Monkey that would destroy them faster than the cold ever could :joy:

Picture of the knickknack destroyer:


Awww, thanks so much everyone! I hope it’s a hit!

:joy: :joy: Well this week I am The Chooser, so… probably just going to quietly revel in your praise. :two_hearts:

Well, the static from the plastic glitter seems to be doing a bit of that! I’m sorry to hear about youe collection being destroyed in the cold! Have you heard of Museum Gel? It’s pretty amazing about keeping knick knacks from being tipped over by kitties! And, like, plate tectonics n’ stuff.


Super super, seriously SO super CUUUUTE!

And I agree with @AudiobookLover on the high praise.


What a sweet gift! Your friend is going to love it :heart_eyes:

This is so flipping awesome!

Thank you, pals!

So cool, and that friend is lucky. Great job

This is so fabulous on so many levels.

The noise I made was not human! Dying of cuteness over here!

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Awww, thank you!

Congrats on having your project featured!!
The teeny tiny snow globe is fabulous :slight_smile:

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Awww, THANK YOU! :wink:

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Congrats on the feature! I have everything you used in my stash, thanks for the inspiration. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Your execution is flawless! This is such a cute little idea.

Very cute and so tiny! Love the figure you capture in it.